Monday, January 3, 2011

My Names Poll Results

For Boys:

Adam with 41% with a good show for Ilyas (31%)

For Girls:

Sumaya with 39% with a good show for Lana (30%)

I got similar results from non-Muslims actually and Adam and Sumaya are my top choices too!

I have others I want to think about though that I haven't polled anywhere. Iman or alternative spelling Emanne. And Sofia (which could be Safeya to Arabs but I would keep the Sofia spellings). And Leena/Lina/Lena...

What do you guys think?

4 Comentários:

Rukhpar Mor said...

I love all of them!! Emanne would be a very special one..

Amalia said...

I love love love the name Adam. It is my brothers name otherwise I would use it in an instant.

I really love Sofia as well. It was my top pick for Nora, but my MIL said she would never talk to us again if we used it because she said it is a Christian name. I was gutted. She wanted us to use Safiyah instead, but even though they sound similar I prefer Sofia.

Lina is also lovely, I have some good associations. I have a freind with girls called Lana and Maya.

I really struggle with boys names. My favourite for a long time has been Yusuf but I am a teacher and I see so many Yusuf's every day that it has put me off. Same with Yassin.

Candice said...

I find that Sofia and Safiya are so similar that they can work as the same name. Like Nora works as Noura. Couldn't she be Sofia in these languages but be صفيّة in Arabic? I think so, which is why I like it so much. It's exactly like Nora in that way!

You really know someone who has both a Lana and a Maya? Adorable bunch of siblings!

Boys names are SO HARD. I love a small bunch of English/French names but my husband needs them to be Arabic. And those names don't work that well in English normally.

Candice said...

Rukhpar Mor: Yes, I quite like it! It's a little less "classic" than I usually like my names, and I'm afraid it might sound like a mix between Emma and Anne which is far from what I'm going for, but I will poll if I actually get pregnant and find out what impression others have.

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