Sunday, January 30, 2011

My 6 year plan

I talked about wanting to have a second child and wanting to go learn Arabic in Egypt during maternity leave and ever since before Nora was born I planned on continuing my studies. I was nothing concrete but I was thinking of either studying to become a teacher or a social worker. Since yesterday, something clicked and made me realize that it has to be teaching.

So basically, I plan on getting pregnant, working where I'm at until maternity leave, applying for university, going to Egypt for a couple months during maternity leave and coming back in time for the semester to study 4 years to become an elementary teacher and do courses in Arabic language and culture while I'm there. I don't think there are enough credits for me to be able to do a minor, but I would pick these courses which would better help me if ever we decided to live in Egypt for some time.

I know my husband also has his own plans to study and it kind of has to be one at a time. He is supposed to take on the role of main provider and he's 4 years older than me anyway so logically, he would go first... But then again, with loans and bursaries pretty well set-up here, we might very well be able to both study full-time. A 6-year plan that includes two degrees! I need to look into that and find out if we'd be able to live on that type of salary... We know how to make one income work since that's what we lived on before he got his job. We would just need to make it work in Montreal (where rent is much more expensive..) and would need to move and find a babysitter for the babes... A new life: scarey!

Anyway, it just hit me recently that there's a way to make my plans work so I'm pretty excited.

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ʝusᴛ❤ʝᴇss said...

Mashallah! : )
Good luck on your plans ~ teaching is such a good choice. I am in school now to do it.
You can go any where pretty much your hubby goes and the more language you know the better!!!
Do you know french? If so, lucky, high demand right now for french teachers : D

Becky said...

That's really exciting for you! I'm so happy you're realizing there are ways to make your dreams come true. InshAllah everything will work out in the best way possible, and it'll all fall into place.

Candice said...

Just Jess: Very cool! Where are you at in your studies and how do you like it?? Yes, I know French and I'd be open in teaching in a French elementary school outside of here (like in Egypt) but I wouldn't really want to teach at a French school here in Quebec. I kind of dream of teaching at my old elementary school (in English). I did part of my schooling in French and it's somehow not the same - I'm kind of more at home with the English gang even if I'm not really more English than French. Anyway, it's a personal preference. For that reason, I'm deciding not to do the program for ESL because even if I know it would be nice and useful, I don't want to teach in a French school here and that's where I'd end up for most of my career!

Becky: Thanks!! I hope it does.

s.sjah said...

Hi! I found your blog while looking for rulings on tattoos. I just wanted to ask why you wanted to study arabic. (:

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