Sunday, January 16, 2011

I hope everyone is doing well!

I certainly am! I feel very comfortable in my life these days - just satisfied. I guess that's why I haven't been finding anything to post about.

One thing I keep thinking about lately is going to Egypt. It's not in the immediate plans but I really want Nora to learn Arabic and it's not easy from here. When she's old enough I plan on sending her to Saturday school so she can hang out with other Muslim children and learn Arabic with them but before then, I can't really imagine Arabic influence coming from anywhere else than her Egyptian family. Maybe it will happen one day.

Any of you living in Egypt - how hard is it really for a person to find a job that can allow to live well in Egypt? Like a good apartment/condo, good daycare or private school for Nora (that is, if both are working; if only my husband, I'd stay home), regular outings to not go nuts.

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Zuhura said...

I'm glad to hear you're happy. God bless you.

Yara said...

I don't live in Egypt but I read a great blog by a fellow sister here:

There's lots of pros and cons of the country - like any other - but I think she could be helpful inshallah. : )

Candice said...

Zuhura: Thank you! : )

Yara: I love her blog! I really should put up a blogroll, I'm just so scared of forgetting a wonderful blog and I'd feel bad for it so I haven't put any so far. But her's would definitely be on there.

Amalia said...

Hiya, glad you are happy :)

I can tell you a few things about Egypt as I've lived here for 4 years now :)

I'm a teacher so it was easy for me to find a job. There are so many international schools here, American, Canadian, British, French, German etc. I am lucky because my school has a daycare on site so I can take Nora with me everyday.

I can't tell you much about other professions I'm afraid, although my husband works for a mobile phone company and he has a lot of foreign colleagues so I guess there are opportunities there.

In terms of daycare, there are tons of nurseries around. There are many that teach French, English and Arabic. You can find daycares on every other street, at least where I live. I can't recommend a particular one because I've not tried them myself but I know some colleagues who have their children in daycares they are happy with.

There are plenty of reasonably priced flats that are reasonable quality too. In my first year here I shared with another teacher and we had a 3 bedroom flat (furnished) with a huge living room and balcony, nice kitchen and ok bathroom. It only cost us 3050 LE a month which I think is pretty good. Most flats are quite big, minium three bedrooms. At least that is my experience. We live in Mohandeseen but now that Cairo is expanding there are so many more options.

Things to do- I'm afraid we don't get out all that much when we are working. There is a big mall - City stars which we go to every other weekend pretty much. There is also Dandy Mall. Plenty of cafes for evening coffees and meeting your friends. You should become a member of a club here. Maybe your husbands family already have membership to one? The memberships tend to get passed down by the family and it's a great place to go, especially with kids. We belong to the Gezira club in Zamalak and go there once a week to use the gym. They have all sorts of activities for kids there - sports, dance, gymnastics, a pool etc. Gezira club has a horse track as well.

Apart from that I think if you are up for travelling you can go to Alex fairly easily by train from Cairo and if you have long weekends a trip to Hurghada or Sharm is quite nice. My colleagues take a lot of holidays, they go somewhere practically every weekend!

Anyway, hope this helps a little, feel free to ask me any more questions if you want :)

Amalia said...


Well I can tell you a few things about Egypt as I have lived here for 4 years now :)

I am a teacher so it was pretty easy to find a job as there are so many international schools. German, French, Canadian, American and British. I am also lucky that my school has daycare on site so I can take Nora with me.

As far as other daycares are concerned there are plenty around. I see them advertised all the time, they often teach French, Arabic and English would be great for your Nora. I can't recommend any personally because I've never used them but I'm sure I could get you some if you wanted.

You would be able to find her a school easily but they are expensive.

What are you and your husbands professions? My husband is an engineer for a mobile phone company and works with many foreigners so I guess you can find good work there. I have a friend from India who writes for an English newspaper so there are options for journalists too.

Housing is fairly easy to come across and most flats are pretty spacious. In my first year I shared with another teacher and we had a 3 bedroom flat with a huge living room and dining room, big balcony, decent sized kitchen and bathroom and we paid 3500 LE a month which I thought was reasonable. This was in Mohandeseen. Most expats tend to live in Maadi which is a bit greener and tends to cater for expats more I think. Zamalak is also a nice area but expensive. All of these places are crowded though. Now that Cairo is expanding you might like to look outside a little to compounds like Sheikh Zayed and 6th October, Shorouk etc.

Places to go - I'm afraid we don't get out all that much while we are working. We tend to go to City Stars mall every other weekend which is in Nasr city, about 45 mins drive from us in the traffic. It has everything there really. Cinema, shopping, restaurants.

You should also try to get membership at a sports club. Your husbands family might already have membership? It tends to be passed down through families. We are members of the Gezira club in Zamalak. It has a pool, kids area, activities for the kids, restaurant, running track, horse track and more. We go there every friday to use the gym. If I wasn't working I think I'd spend more time at the club. They have ladies only swimming days on Tuesdays and Thursdays but only during the day so when I'm at work I miss out :(

If you're into travelling a bit then you can get to Alex quite easily by train. Some of my colleagues do this every week! You can also go to Dahab, Hurghada, Sharm for long weekends if you like beaches. We are hoping to go to these places more this year as we were kind of lazy last year!

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Candice said...

Amalia: Thanks for your messages! I think you were havnig problems posting but I got them all in my comment moderation!

My husband is working in a lab now as a technician but he's a computer programmer... It was hard in Egypt for him to find a job. I found one pretty easily at a call centre but it was so far and didn,t pay much. I'm guessing salaryfor the same job I had 5 years ago went up at least a little because you can't get that far with 1500LE/month for a whole family! If we live in Egypt, I think it will have to be after one of us gets a degree here first... I am leaning towards becoming a teacher partly because of the opportunities it opens up compared to my other choice of social worker.

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