Monday, January 31, 2011

Hopeful for the Egyptian People

I almost feel like I'm Egyptian right now. I'm so proud of what they are doing there! I just feel so hopeful for their future, even if I know it will be hard to get Mubarak out, and hard get everything back to relative stability once things start to calm down. But still, I feel hopeful now that tomorrow's million-man march will send the clear signal it is intended to send, and hopeful long-term that things will be better for all Egyptians.

I love all my Egyptian brothers and sisters!!!! You are all in my prayers!

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Susanne said...

Yes,it's exciting. I've been praying too. Do you wish you were there now? What about your husband? Or is he glad you all are away from the chaos? It's exciting to see on TV. :)

Candice said...

I definitely wish I was there!!! I'd be out protesting! I admit that I'd stay out of trouble and make sure I was safe (although in a way you never know what can happen) but I'd be out there for sure. My husband hasn't said directly that he wishes he were there but I don't think he's glad to be away from it either. He probably doesn't have any strong feelings either way. He's not one to think about things that are impossible for long - he feels it's a waste of time and energy and so he finds me annoying for being so into it. If he was there, he'd definitely be one of the people safe-guarding the neighbourhood and attending some of the protests.

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