Monday, January 3, 2011

Fertility Awareness Method of birth control

FAM is used either to try to conceive (TTC) or as birth control. It involves charting temperatures and checking cervical mucus to figure out the day of ovulation to increase chances in conceiving or avoid conceiving (by avoiding sex during some time before and after or else using a barrier method during this time). Cervical position is another factor that can be used in addition to these other two to be even more precise in pinpointing ovulation.

I know the general view from Muslims is that birth control is allowed to help space out pregnancies a bit or wait until ready but not to avoid poverty. And that permanent methods are not allowed. I'm not sure what the view is on different methods of birth control like ones that prevent ovulation vs those which could allow for ovulation and conception but prevents implanting... Either way, I think it's quite reasonable.

Still, I find myself disliking hormonal birth control. And me and my husband's TTC experience (which is close to nothing so far, but I like to be prepared) has made me learn A LOT about a woman's cycle and using this information to prevent birth (not only to conceive).

I think it would worry me to use this method because of the higher chance of getting pregnant, but at the same time, if it happens, it is meant to happen. I guess I will see when the time comes because at the moment we want another and once that happens, it will be 9 months of pregnancy followed by a certain amount of time without "doing the deed"! lol. Lots of time to see if it might be a way for us.

Who here uses FAM as birth control or has used it to TTC? What's your take on it personally and Islamicly?

If you haven't used it, what do you think of the idea? How well do you know your body and your cycle?

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Alejandra said...

Assalamu Alaykum sister Candice,

I just found your blog. I think it's so interesting how you have grown in Islam, mashallah.

Conserning your post:
I think it's a great method if your trying to concieve. It's good to know how your body works, and you see a pattern so you know when something is not going right. I used to use it as birth control, but it does require that you abstain from sex with your husband for a period of time during the month (on top of the time when you are actually menstrating). So, I just prefer to you condoms when trying to avoid pregnancy. I hope this helps.

Candice said...

Thank you for visiting Alejandra!

Did you get pregnant when you used it as birth control? Was it a pain to always have to take temps and check everything? How long did you use it for?

If I were to use it, it would be in combination with condoms during the fertile time because it wouldn't be fun or fair to have to abstain for up to 1/3 of the month for fertility and another 5 days when I'm in my period. My husband wouldn't be too happy either. Condoms exclusively would be a big no from him so it would either be this or a hormonal birth control which I personally hope to be able to stay away from...

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