Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xbox 360 Kinect

We've had the Xbox for a long time but I never got into it at all. I always wanted to have a Wii. When Xbox came out with Kinect, I knew I wanted to have it! And we got it!

It's so much fun, really! The technology is pretty advanced... it feels like a game of the future, not using any sort of remote, only ourselves. It's really quite responsive. You move, your character moves and it can tell if you're fake jumping or really putting a lot of energy into it to jump higher, so you really do need to work hard in some games. It comes with Kinect Adventures which has a few different games you go through like rafting. Side-step to the side for your raft to move that way, jump when you need to, etc. There's a game with balls that need to be blocked and hit toward objects, there's a game where you're in space and you flap your arms to move up and have to move to the sides and forward and backward to catch all the bubbles, there's a game (and this one is a freakin' workout!) where you are on a rolling platform and you need to jump over, tuck under and sidestep barriers, as well as catch the tokens as you move forward. You need to jump as much as possible to go faster. And the last game is plugging leaks in an underwater glass box of sorts. You move your hands and feet on top of leaks to stop them.

I also tried two of the three demos that were included on the game CD. Dance Central is just awesome and I got the actual game today but didn't get to try any new songs since my husband is still at the store buying it. Joy Ride is a racing game that is not that interesting for me since I don't love car games, but it's still really cool to just have to hold your hands forward in the air and move the steering wheel. It think it would be a lot of fun for kids. And it was good for my uncle who has a lung disease and could not play anything else. He and my dad enjoyed trying it. I will soon try the demo for a fitness game... After trying Dance Central and seeing how precise the game is at tracking my movements, I can only imagine that a fitness game would be really motivating for someone wishing to get in shape if the game is well-made. The hardware (sensors, etc) have everything needed to develop amazing fitness "games".

I also tried to find out what else Xbox had to offer. I figured since we are spending all this money on a game, and had spent all this money on an Xbox a long time back, I needed to start using it! What I really liked was the Xbox live. I actually played Kinect Adventures with someone else live! And I know other games also have cool ways to have people play live with others. Biggest Loser fitness game can have you working out with someone else online for example. It's a lot more motivating than being by yourself.

You can also watch movies with a friend who has an Xbox at the same time. Also, I discovered It doesn't have all the selection and options (like mail-in renting) that it does in the US, but still, I really like it and so does Nora. I have been watching Drop Dead Diva and the Boondocks and Nora is watching Dora, Barney, Diego and Thomas and Friends. She can navigate Netflix from my iphone all by herself.

Who else has an Xbox? Do you have Kinect? What do you think of it?
Who has Netflix? Is this in Canada or the US? How are you liking that?

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Mona Z said...

Ever since I saw the ad I've wanted to try kinect. It looks amazing. Thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

The love of my life happens to be an XBOX 360. haha no but seriously, I am going to invest and get kinect I've wanted to get it ever since they've announced it at last year's Microsoft Expo :P

Candice said...

Mona: Yeah, it's lots of fun. I think it's great for kids and for people wanting to get into shape a little. For hardcore gamers, they'll prefer the Xbox without Kinect probably, but for any family that has a hardcore gamer in it, the Xbox will be the way to go and the Kinect for the kids and family time. For people like me who like cute things, this is perfect and it's much better than the Wii. It's just a much better technology.

Zineb: You should totally get it when you get the chance!

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