Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Inspired by a post by Kaighla on Struggles of an American Muslimah.

What are some things that bring you down on yourself? Usually partly true or based on true fears and feelings, these are negative things that are emphasized by Shaytan when we have so much positive things that overcome all of these whisperings... Yet... We focus on it and put importance to it and allow it to bring us down.

I will think this over and take my turn in the comments. What does the Shaytan whisper to you? How do you overcome it?

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Stephanie said...

Occasionally, I have an inferiority complex, especially when it comes to work or school. I don't attribute it to shaytan, but rather psychology.

I realize I'm projecting my own current issues and opinions on this relatively simple question, but I feel that sometimes people use "shaytan" as an excuse to squelch their own intellectual curiosity, or in this case, concealment of a simple psychological concept known as low self esteem.

I look at the "whisperings" of Shaytan to be more of the tempation to commit evil or some type of grievous sin.

Candice said...

I have trouble taking "Shaytan" literally, as a human-like being that is evil. For me, it is just all that is negative and bad and it is a metaphore for that. I have no problem using the expression "whispers of Shaytan" or similar, even knowing that some people take it literally like you do in the case of committing evil and grievous sins, or take it literally for any little negative thought. In the end, we're all saying the same thing and I just use a phrase I am comfortable using and that will make what I mean clear. I'd have a hard time drawing the line between your idea of Shaytan only being for temptation to commit grievous sins, but not the temptation to commit "minor" sins.

Where does the psychological concept end and Shaytan begin? Are the two ideas not more interrelated than that? Or possibly totally separate? It's very interesting, really! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Stephanie said...

I'll think about it LOL! But not now I'm off to work ;)

I do think there is some type of "force" out there representing evil. My comment just referred to a vague irritation at the attitude by some that every little thing being attributed to Shaytan, when really it's just their own insecurities or intellect, both of which should be explored further, or at least, not suppressed.

We can sin purely on our own account. Case in point, during Ramadan, Shaytan is supposedly chained, and yet we still sin.
More later, inshallhah :)

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