Friday, December 24, 2010

Pyjama Day, Jumah and Fun

I'm only working a half-day today for Christmas Eve, and we are having a pyjama morning so everyone is in sweat pants and sweaters, colourful pyjamas, whatever. I'm wearing an adult's onesie! So comfy and fun!

I have my change of clothes to go to Jumah afterwards. I have not been to Friday prayer in SO LONG. I went once since I started working full time almost 3 years ago. Tonight is going to be great being with my family (parents, brother, aunt and uncle, husband and daughter).

We got an Xbox with Kinect and will bring it to my parents' house! It's really so much fun!

Hope everyone will have some happy holidays!

2 Comentários:

lala said...

DUDE!! I love those adult onesies!!! SOOOO CUUUUTE

Candice said...


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