Saturday, December 4, 2010

Office party

I had my office Xmas party at work yesterday evening. I had a pretty good time overall before 11pm. We had a baby pictures game where we had to guess who was who, we played a game where we had words we had to make others say and we had karaoke. We're only 15 or so at work so we're a pretty close gang and we enjoy each others company generally. My best friend, who I have mentioned on here a few times. The one who I feel would benefit most from Islam out of anyone else... She leads a pretty promiscuous type of lifestyle and just shows no hint of self-respect.

She really busted my evening up big time. She got so drunk, mixing all sorts of crap... It was disgusting. I'd never seen her like this because we simply are not going out friends... She had about 6 glasses of red wine, 5 glasses of white sangria and probably a dozen or so shooters - really really disgusting. At around 11, she got sick... Really sick. The sheer amount... projecting... And afterwards, she didn't even feel better... I'd stayed to help at least but after she didn't feel better at all I had to get someone else because I was feeling just physically ill myself from being in that situation. I don't have a very weak stomach, but I lived with a fear of vomiting for most of my life and only got over it when I got morning sickness in pregnancy - but this was nothing close to morning sickness or Nora sickness. Ugh. I'm sorry for being so long about this story, but I am still not over it and it has been almost 24 hours! I couldn't fall asleep yesterday night because of the imagine in my head and I felt nauseous most of the day (still a little even now).

Let's just say the nice time I had before this happened is really far back and I can't at all consider my night a nice time. I am quite upset at her. While everyone was enjoying their time with karaoke and chatting, she gets sick, starts talk with the others, disrupts my evening and the amazing other co-worker I could not thank enough who took over for the second part. When I came back to see how things were, we hear bading, badomm! in the other bathroom beside us... And poor amazing co-worker who helped me, she had to go help another one who had gotten too drunk and was in worse shape than my friend. Only thing I know is that she needed two men to bring her down to the car because she was not at all fit to walk. At least at this point my friend was feeling better and she *was* able to walk. Or else guess who would have been the one to have to help her down the stairs to the car and up the stairs to her apartment? Me!

So yeah... I don't even know what I feel except a little nauseous and just disgusted. It really sucked.

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Anisah said...

having been there myself...I can tell you that she has NO IDEA... in complete denial.
Once I stopped for the 40 days... I saw the WHOLE WORLD ina diff way... I would tell her how u feel..and challenge her to the forty day clean up.
I swear it's gonna be like a veil lifted from everyday life. It will be like there was this cloud in her eyes all the days.
Thats how I became my first trip twards Islam.. I saw with my own eyes that Allah said was the truth.

ur in my prayers !

Candice said...

I really wonder how addicted she is and how 40 days would go. She definitely drinks and parties often. A lot before she worked with me, and now a lot since it became more stressful at work. Most weekends, let's say, and a couple glasses of wine in the middle of the week. But she doesn't drink alone which is a good sign, I guess! I will see to talk to her about this.

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