Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gossiping - Ya Allah!

I was never a gossiper and I never enjoyed it at all as a teenager or later. But MAN in the past year or so, the situation has gotten CRAZY. May Allah keep me from all this gossiping going on at work!

We were 5 employees when I was hired, but we are now 14 and getting used to being a bigger group has really brought out the gossip in all of us. We aren't in the know like we used to be about what's happening and speculation causes a lot of gossip around here. And the organization is slowly getting better but we were probably a dozen employees before we stopped running things like we were 5 so there was a lot of talking behind people's backs there for a while. It's not stopping though because we have new employee after new employee coming in and it's just a new story each time.

What really scares me is that I'm getting into it!!! I'm so thankful that it's scaring me though, because it gives me a chance to stop in my tracks and take a step back even. Al7amdulilah for that. Now I just need to implement some measures that will keep me grounded and away from gossip.

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Umm Omar said...

Gossip is so easy to get sucked into when everyone around you is involved in it, but as you said, it's a good thing you have the awareness and the conscience that tells you to get a hold of it. That can't be said for everyone!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to this post a lot.
We need to socialize but gossiping os soo hard to avoid when we hang out with other people.
Just never forget to say istighfar inside so then it's easy to remind ourselves..

Anisah said...

Salam alaykom..
I like the idea of flesh eating each toher the same as gossiping lol Im not a cannibal sooo it helps lol

Candice said...

Umm Omar: Thanks. But man, there's so much idiot stuff happening around the office. This is like gossip-thriving environment. A small company where everyone knows everyone well, that is growing a bit too fast for everyone to adjust.

rialive: Thank you for the reminder!

Anisah: Walaikum salam. Yes, it's a pretty graphic idea that can do the trick!

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