Monday, December 27, 2010

Evil Eye again

What is the general idea on the evil eye when it comes to telling people about good things about to come or good things that have happened? Any general information to give me or article to read?

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Yara said...

I was taught and read that saying "mashallah" is very important so you don't get caught with the evil eye. Both for yourself and other people.
Praising the bounties of Allah SWT no atter the size or form is a very good habit to get into as you gain reward. :)

If you are looking for more in depth info about it, have you tried islamQA or searched yourube for lectures etc?

Candice said...

What about protecting myself from the evil eye? Because for sure not everyone will say/think masha'Allah and some people might very well have some negative feelings towards me that could include envy. I'm not sure what I actually believe about it, but I do believe that a person who attracts negativity could have something negative happen to him/her (whether it's in this world or the next - like a doing a bad deed) even if they didn't really *do* anything bad. I think the way we present ourselves is important somehow. Two people who are equal in their deeds but one says things in a way that make others feel negatively and one says things in a way that makes others feel positively - it's clear who is better even if they are technically equal. I don't know if I'm making sense...
I always find myself feeling like the evil eye is related to dua, but in the opposite way, and also related to the "bad deed" of showing off.

Allaa` said...

Asalamu alykum.

I recently read the story of Yusuf a.s. Chapter 12 and in it was the part about him stating to his father that he had this dream about the moon, stars, and sun prostrating to him. His father told him not to tell his brothers, lest they become envious of him. Envy is what leads to the evil eye. Many scholars have stated that one should refrain from telling a good dream because the people might become envious of you.

Unless you tell someone you trust that you know will not envy you. It is permissible to conceal a favour Allah has bestowed upon a person if they have a good reason to do so; fearing the evil eye is a good reason to.

I personally have a difficult time concealing good things that happen to me, esp to family and friends. However be humble and if you decide to speak of it, speak little of it so as not to leave room for someone to envy you. If you still need some, I could send you some articles/stories.

Sara سارة said...

Assalaam Alaikum sis,

I believe, and have read, that there are a number of ways one can ward off the Evil Eye. Its existence has been supported by many a Hadith, as well as the Qur'an (as the reader above pointed).

The Prophet (SAW) said: "If you see anything of your brother that pleases you, or of his person or of his property [then ask Allah to bless him in it] for the envious eye is real."

[Reference: Ahmad 4/447, Ibn Majah, Malik. Al-Albani graded it authentic in Sahihul-Jami' As-Saghir 1/212]

This means one should definitely say MashaAllah often. As for the specific du'a for the Evil Eye, it can be found below.

Dua to protect children

And there's also a lengthy answer on SunniPath (in the Answers section), which provides details on the Evil Eye and du'as one can recite to protect him/herself. Hope that helps! =)

Sunnipath Link:

Susanne said...

I don't fear any evil eye because I believe God is greater than anything evil. If I trust in His care, why do I need to fear something less powerful than He?

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