Sunday, November 14, 2010

Things I want to do

I think I will make an official list of small goals I have for myself. It's just for fun and kinda just for me to remember and add to. I could just put it in a text document or something but I'd just forget it.

- make a quilt
- read more books (I'm working on a tiny goal of 20 pages per day which should be manageable)
- ski this winter
- make crafts with Nora
- speak English with Nora
- volunteer somewhere
- be direct with my friend about her destructive lifestyle (out of my goal to be 100% direct, I have managed to be about 50% direct so far)
- get my niece a gift she will really enjoy for her birthday/Xmas
- help a dog get adopted
- do something special for my husband weekly (need ideas!)


- save 15 000$
- get a house
- start an animal shelter
- get a university degree

4 Comentários:

munir said...

Any book or the Quran? any goals to lead you to Jannah?

hijabrockers said...


Candice said...

Munir: Please realize you are not welcome on my blog. Never have I read a single positive thing below your name. I can't recall a comment you wrote that I actually appreciated. So please, in a direct way, I tell you: GET LOST

Susanne said...

I love your list, Candice!

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