Monday, November 8, 2010

It's a no :'(

I got a call back from the owner just now and she really didn't like the idea of a dog here. Even temporarily fostering. Of course I guess she knew that if she allows a dog to live here once, then she'll practically have to allow me to have a second foster dog and then I'll eventually have had a dog here full time for a year and how say no to us getting our own after that?

I know a big part of it was that we have carpets everywhere. They are gross right now though... I mean, we have a young child and carpets in the kitchen?! They'd get dirty no matter who was living here. My husband dropped about one litre of koshary sauce right on the carpet a couple days ago... It's bad. Maybe she doesn't know how much having a dog just can't make these carpets more dirty! lol. We are supposed to get them professionally cleaned next weekend though...

Anyway, I'm still shaking from nerves talking to her... And I'm pretty sad from the outcome. She did say she'd think it over some more but it sounded like a very clear no with a polite "think it over". She's a really nice lady but she just didn't like to imagine a dog in her carpeted-all-the-way childhood home.

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hajar aman shah said...

the whole house is carpeted? probably that is why she couldn't allow to have dogs in the house, probably she knows how dirty can it get with a dog in the house? i have 2 cats at home, and although have only parts of our house that have carpets, we're sometimes suprised how many layers of cat hair it can collect in a small amount of time. which reminds me, i need to dust them off again.
Although i'm sorry for the bad news, i hope she'll reconsider in the meantime, you could look for how people keep their dogs in the house, and how they keep their carpets clean. I bet if you can inform the landlady of the effort you take for keeping the carpet clean? my 2 cents..

Susanne said...

Aw, I'm sorry! :(

Becky said...

:( I'm so sorry :(

You've got carpets in the kitchen? That's just wrong! Please tell me you don't have carpets in the bathroom too....

Generally I prefer hardwood floors, which is also starting to be the most common here in Denmark - and it's better for you as well.

Love and Sugar said...

Could it be that Allah is telling you not to have dogs are your house?


Candice said...

Hajar: Yeah, it's carpeted everywhere! Of course it would get dirty... It's already bad with a kid in the house though, lol.

And yes, my plan is to show her by keeping the yard clean (need to rake the leaves) and showing her I care about the carpet too by hiring to way it.

Becky: Yeah, it's so wrong!! There aren't any in the bathroom thank goodness! It was recently renovated so I'm sure it was carpet in there too until recently! There's carpet in the laundry room. Hardwood floors are great but I doubt that's what I'll end up with - it's costly.

Love and Sugar: Don't think so because as soon as I'm able, I'm getting one. Might be when I get a house in a couple years or more, but that desire is unlikely to change!

UmmSqueakster said...

Aww, too bad. Are there any shelters in your area that you could volunteer with? I know it's not the same as having a pet of your very own, but you can still do a lot of good.

AbuS is currently of the mind that one cat is enough, so to expend my cat loving energies, I volunteer with a local no kill cat rescue. It's not glamorous (lots of poop scooping and cleaning up cat puke), but I do get to spend some quality time with "my" kitties each week.

Candice said...

UmmSqueakster: There is a shelter here but it mostly reunites lost animals with their owners. They are very well-known as the people to call if a lost animal is found or lost. Obviously sometimes the owner purposely left the animal there and it gets put up for adoption but after a while without a home, it gets put down :(
I think they mostly need supplies and not physical help. I suppose they wouldn't say no to help taking the dogs out on walks though so I might look into that. I'd probably get attached and go nuts if they had to put one down that I got to love though.

UmmSqueakster said...

Aww, that's really unfortunate. Although we got Squeaky from the local humane society, I could never volunteer there because they do PTS many of the incoming animals. At the rescue I'm with, once a cat is in, they have a home for life. We've had some kitties with us since the group's inception, 13 years ago.

Are there any rescue groups outside of shelters?

Candice said...

Oh wow! That's amazing work they do. There aren't any like that in my city but I know of 2 that are in nearby cities within 40 minutes drive. I still wouldn't have the time to go all the way there on a regular basis... I'd love to start this type of shelter here. I think it would be quite successful because lots of people search for animals at this shelter but some animals just need a bit of extra time to find a suitable owner that the shelter is not able to give. And if we look outside of just the animals that go through that particular shelter, there are many good dogs and cats that are about to get PTS that could find a good home with a bit of searching. It's a big step in the right direction to stopping people from buying puppies that come from puppy mills.

I actually know a lot of people who want dogs that are not necessarily pure breed, not necessarily puppies, just good dogs and they look at the shelter we have and there's not enough choice because of their limited capacities so they buy at the pet store.

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