Saturday, November 6, 2010

I want a doggie!

These two images come from dogs waiting for adoption on The second one looks so much like our old dog it's just plain crazy! The first one has a similar look- just so beautiful!!! I want them!

I LOVE dogs! They're my favourite animal by a lot... I would love to be able to have a dog here but I'm not allowed in my apartment and my husband is not crazy about them... He is a bit more open to it now after 5 years of knowing me and how much I love dogs and 3 years of being here in Canada where so many people keep dogs as pets (something that is not so common in Egypt). For him, there is still a bit of that negative feeling towards dogs that is cultural and of course there's the Islamic part that he believes in that dogs are unclean and I would never want to force something that is against his religious beliefs on him so we would need to find a way if we're ever to have a dog.

His first compromise was a dog that stays exclusively outside. Of course, I can't accept that! It gets freakin' cold outside in the winter and anyway, I want a dog as a companion and friend and I wouldn't put a friend outside even if it stayed warm year-round.

My compromise was that there would be areas in the house completely off-limits to the dog. Not a step inside bedrooms or the bathroom, for example. Those places would be areas where we could do wudu and pray without worrying that the dog has touched them. I found that pretty good. I would even be willing to add no going on the couch even though I'd actually like to have a dog that could come on the couch with me... But I think for him, having a dog with access to our living room and kitchen is a bit much to handle.

I am seriously going CRAZY with the idea of having a dog, directly or indirectly. My parents (and the family) had a dog for 14 years before she died 2 years ago and they will definitely get another one when the time is right, but it's not now... Since the situation is difficult for me to get one, I'm trying to convince them to get one so I can be around dogs again... But as I said, it's not for now.

My new plan... Because yes, I am going CRAZY from wanting a dog lately, is to contact my owner to see if she would accept us keeping a dog temporarily as a foster home. That way, I could have a dog and help a dog like I want, my husband could see what it's like to have one without it being a 15 year commitment and my owner wouldn't feel like it's such a big deal since it would be on average a 1 month stay that can end at any time if it doesn't work out well. And she keeps the ultimate decision since it's on my lease that dogs are not allowed. So if she says yes, I'd have my husband to convince... And just maybe I could help prevent a good dog from being killed by giving him extra time to find a permanent home.

I'm so excited even if it's kind of unlikely it will work out... I'm TOO excited for the slight chance it can happen... But I can't help myself, I love dogs so much.

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Banana Anne said...

I really love dogs too; Masha'Allah they are such loyal, lovable creatures. The whole having a dog in the house is an issue, but I think keeping certain rooms off-limits would be a decent compromise. Trying to find a hypoallergenic dog (one that doesn't shed) would also help prevent getting dog hair everywhere (although you would have to wash and get their hair cut, which can get expensive).

Becky said...

I too adore dogs! Sadly my Mum's (also mine) dog had to be put to sleep a week ago :( I'm just so grateful that it happened on the weekend I was home so I was able to be there and say properly goodbye to him.

I'm so lucky that my love, despite being Pakistani and growing up in Pakistan, loves dogs too, but he also grew up with them (though they stayed outside).

I think keeping certain areas off-limits is a great idea, my Mum did this anyway as our dog wasn't allowed in the bedrooms and on the couch (though that was more because he shedded a lot).

I'm mildly allergic to dogs, so when we one day, inshAllah, get a dog it'll probably have to be a hypo-allergenic dog breed. Like Anne also pointed out, they shed less. Something to do with their hair being more like human hair, and not having an under-coating. My love wants a German Shepherd though, so we'll have to see. He says it's fine if it stays outside (since it wouldn't be good for me to live with it inside), but I don't feel good about that either. I guess it depends on where we live at the time.

Candice said...

I talked to my husband yesterday AND HE SAID YES!!!! The apartment owner hasn't returned my call yet, but I think the chances are pretty good she would say yes to fostering a dog... It's full carpet here but she is changing it in the spring so it's a bit of a "who cares?" for that and no one lives under us that could be bothered. We have a small yard no one else but us uses... And when we got the apartment, she asked us if we had any pets and if we did, she would have allowed us to have them so she's actually pretty open.

Oh my gosh, I might get a foster dog!!! Can't wait for her to call to get the real answer though... Because the longer she takes, the more I will be crushed if it's no...

Banana Anne: I guess hypo-allergenic would be an idea... Most of those dogs are not my faves for me to want permanently but I'd love to foster one. My faves as can be seen by the pics I chose to put up are Pit Bull or Pit Bull mixes. I also love the Boston Terrier and Boxer and Labrador... I like all dogs, but there are some that are just more "me" and poodle-like dogs mostly are not. :P

Just did a quick search and found the Bedlington Terrier... I don't know how common they are, but I *am* a terrier girl so the poodle-looking terrier would be a pretty good match!

Becky: I'm so sorry for your loss... It's hard... With my dog that was put down 2 years ago I just came to visit my parents one day and she wasn't there... I think he didn't want me to get upset knowing in advance but I wish I had the chance to say goodbye to her... Had her since I was 8 years old - for 14 years!

It's surprising that your husband likes German Shepherds! I guess if he imagines it outside it's a pretty tough breed for that... Might not like it as much to have a such big breed in the house... I hope you get one someday! :)

Struggling Muslimah said...

Salams sisters! I am 100% a dog person too. My father wont let them in the house but i would love love love to have one :)
Im so happy to see that you are looking into adopting, there are so many of them in the shelters it is too sad to think of buying one.
p.s-new to your blog Mashallah its great

Becky said...

Well, he's not my husband yet (though next summer inshAllah), at the moment he lives in the US while I live in Denmark. Well, German Shepherd is what he grew up with he absolutely loves them.

I know how you feel about most hypo-allergenic dog breeds, because I feel the same way! I hate poodles, and most of the other ones are what I refer to as 'rats', or what we would call 'tæppetissere' in Danish, literally mean carpet pee-ers, since rich people used to keep them in doors and just let them piss on the carpets! I have to admit though, I've fallen in love with the Yorkshire Terrier (though that does admittedly fall under the above category).

I'm so excited for you! I really hope the owner agrees, would be great for you to get to foster some doggies, I have to say though, would be difficult for me not to get emotionally attached! Hope you'll have a dog with you soon, inshAllah.

Stephanie said...

I grew up having lots of pets and I don't now primarily bc i'm so busy and it's hard enough taking care of the humans in the house. my dh probably would have a prob. with a dog in the house but he's also a softy and if i got a pup i know he'd fall in love. i'm actually thinking of getting a kitty cuz i love them too and i think it'd be a little easier to take care of.

Candice said...

Struggling Muslimah: Thank you for visiting!! You're right, there are SO many in shelters there is just almost no reason so look elsewhere... The local shelter in my city doesn't have many dogs at all though but the one in the nearest large city has lots (has lots of shelters, really) and so that's where I'd be looking.

Becky: Oh, sorry I didn't fully understand! We call chihuahuas rats here... Which made me think... I don't have to ask my owner for permission, I'll just tell her it's a rat when she comes to visit! lool. The Yorkshires are pretty cute :P

Stephanie: I hope it ends up being a yes from my owner. She still hasn't called back!! A kitty sounds nice... I'm not that much of a cat person to actually appreciate having one around full time but man are they cute. :)

hajar aman shah said...

anyway, new here~ nice blog by the way.
I'm animal lover myself, although i never have a pet dog. growing up in a dominantly muslim country, for muslim to have dogs are YET to be accepted, without having a frown face and a lengthy speech over why we SHOULDNT. Although, i always love to have one.
Your idea, making some limits and off-limits area are very smart indeed, although since Malaysia are pretty much have the same climate throughout the year, having them outside as a guard dog (with their own dog kennel) could probably be a good idea.
And also thanx for mud-soap, which helps for easier cleaning (samak) after having contact with dog. beats from looking for clay and water the old fashion way. They made it into a bar form which made handy for most that deal with dogs. the bar was introduced by a muslim vet. cool huh?

UmmSqueakster said...

Wow, I'm really surprised that your husband would accept a dog. Every Egyptian I've met (AbuS included) seems to be steeped in dog loathing.

I'm of course biased towards cats (who woulda guessed?), but the rescue of any animal is a cause for celebration. Takbir!

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