Monday, November 29, 2010

I know I've been a bit boring

My blog isn't what it was and I know that. I loved writing about all sorts of little things (sometimes there were big things too!) about Islam that came to mind but I have no inspiration lately! The part of me that was thinking about Islam a lot calmed down a bit after I converted I think, probably just from feeling like I had figured out an answer to a lot of questions just in accepting Islam. But even after my conversion, my blog was not as DULL as this!! Since August when I went through some personal problems I've been disconnected with my blog because the bit of brainpower that was constantly "on" evaluating things with an Islamic point of view (and imagining how I'd write it on my blog) and the bit of memory I used to keep that information is now used in my family life, and that stuff is just not for the blog.

I would love to come back to blogging like I was before... for myself really! It felt good to think about things and share and get feedback and I really hope to get back into it sometime. It feels like there's so much I want to do and learn and just no time or energy for all of it. I feel like a potato lately. I need to make a concrete plan of action of what I want to do and when because right now I have a routine going on that does the basic stuff that needs to be done.

Even this post sucked and makes me feel bored. Gah

Any ideas on how to get my productivity level up when stuck in a routine lots of parts of which cannot be changed?? (Sir Adib, I know you rock at this stuff!)

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Anisah said...

patate frite !!! lol Im hungry

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