Friday, November 19, 2010

Eid Kids Day!

I'm happy, tomorrow I will be going to an Eid event at a mosque about an hour away! It's for kids so it will have things for them like inflatable games which Nora will just LOVE for sure.

It's a pretty big mosque for here and it will be my first time there. And it's only my second time in a large mosque here in Quebec so it should be awesome. Best part though is that I will meet my dear online friend Anisah for the first time! Really excited about that! She is the only Muslim friend I have in Quebec and I haven't even met her in real life! It will be nice to hang out with Muslims I'm sure... And I will wear hijab for the event.

I am really not sure what to wear, but for the headscarf part, I'm thinking an al-amira because it's so easy and no-fuss, no worries. But the look is really plain and boring and it's not long enough to cover my chest which is the part that is not as good... I will see! If it's any good, I will post a faceless picture of it! :P

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