Monday, November 15, 2010

Do Something Special

In my previous post, I wrote I wanted to do something special for my husband... I'm going to make a list just for that but I need some help.

My ideas are:

- learn to cook an Egyptian meal and prepare it for him
- have our daughter in bed by the time he comes home from work and have supper with him just us two (must not eat before that like I always do!)
- have us pray together at night
- a good massage (meaning, a massage with no need to reciprocate, just 100% relaxation)
- give a chance to a TV series he enjoys that I don't (I do this often but can get pretty mad about it with time when I really don't like it - I need to calm down)
- a one day head-will-explode no complaining day! lol

What else?

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