Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wanting to go Learn Arabic in Egypt

Please pray this works out for me...

It's a plan for next year so it's not concrete at all (could be any 3 month period between winter 2011-2012 up to summer 2012), but it would be to go to Egypt to learn Arabic!! This would be after my current job... while I'm in between jobs, I guess. My husband would stay here in Quebec while me and Nora would go to Egypt and reconnect with the family there while I studied. My mother in law is retiring in July 2011 and would be able to help with Nora and if it's the case, a new child. I'd take full time courses to learn Arabic and work on my identity as a Muslim without the pressures of home. All this would be before Nora starts kindergarten here so it wouldn't interfere with that and it would be while I'm unattached in between jobs... Starting small plans so early will make us able to plan for the cost of it and lack of income from my side during this time.

I'm really excited about this possibility!

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Mustika Sari Sayuti said...

oww so cool, sister :) insyaAllah everything will be easy when you learn Arabic in Egypt. Oh I really want to learn arabic too!


Marahm said...

What a wonderful idea! Arabic is difficult, but fascinating and beautiful. Learning it in the Middle East is best way, perhaps the only way. Until you get there, however, you can make baby steps using local resources and on-line sites such as

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