Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Boss in not Cancerous

At work the boss anounced last week that he had a very rare cancer that has low chance of survival if found at stages 3-5 and is very hard to treat whatever stage it's found in. He didn't know what stage he was at or anything so really, hoping for the best was hoping for a low stage that had a good chance of survival past 5 years...

He comes to work today saying they did some final tests to find that the tumour is benign!! Praise God! What a scare to have! Made me think of dua and its impact... which brought me to the evil eye, but that's not related to *this* news, just related to what I want to write on dua. I will try to post on that later!

Anyway... Praise God, my boss is going to be OK. I might not like some stuff about my work and might not respect exactly what it is that this company does (high interest loans) but my boss is still a good person overall and we, the employees, have a pretty close relationship with him. A bunch of the employees would even consider him a friend. For me, he's not a friend, but more than just a boss, so I am just so VERY happy for him.

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Becky said...

Praise God indeed, having lose my father and my maternal grandmother to cancer (lung cancer and breast cancer respectively), it is not something I would wish on anyone, so I'm happy to hear that it was benign, what a horrible scare though!

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