Sunday, October 10, 2010

I may be going nuts

My thoughts are all over the place lately! They are jumping from getting a car (I've been getting lifts for over a month now almost every day and I'm feeling like a burden) to getting a new phone (mine is just annoying) to leaving my work, to going to university and tonight, a new folly!

Going to Egypt with my daughter to learn Arabic!

CRAZY. But man, I'd love to learn Arabic, have my daughter learn Arabic and strengthen ties with my husband's family. And I've love to leave my work!

Even crazier, I've been feeling like I want to have another child lately. I guess it's because of things going mostly well with my husband and not liking my work, and my daughter becoming older now. I've been thinking about pregnancy being the perfect way to leave my work too. Get pregnant, work until I have the baby, go on maternity leave, get 55-70% of my salary for 50 weeks (of course, my husband would take a couple of the first weeks) and go to Egypt, either toward the end of the maternity leave or even after if I take more time to start working. My husband would have to stay here and continue his work, but you know, he went off to Egypt with our daughter for a 6 week vacation while I stayed here to work so I'm sure he could tolerate it!

Yeah, I'm *definitely* going nuts.

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hijabrockers said...

Owh my. That's a lot of things to process in your mind and effort. LOL. Calm down, candy! =)

Technodoll said...

LOL not nuts, just human ;-)

Whatever you decide to do must be from the heart as well as from the head, yes?

come visit us some day! the chickens will soon be penned up for the winter, ugghh it's going down to -3C tonight... sad.

To answer your question about your hen having received an injection, I've never heard of fertility being affected by vaccinations... it would defeat the purpose of chickens! So don't worry, some hens start laying at 5 months of age and some at one year of age - I've seen it all, LOL!

Let me know when those first eggs start to arrive :-D

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