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Halloween is coming up on Sunday! I LOVE dressing up! It's so much fun to get into a costume and put on some make-up and go out to get rewarded for it (candy)!

As much as yes, we can just do it in in our own homes on days that are not the October 31st and have candy available to avoid any chance of it being haram, it's just not the same, even if it's almost exactly the same!! Going OUT is what makes Halloween! I'm dressing up at work tomorrow and maybe Saturday if I go to the zoo since it's a Halloween theme there, and definitely on Sunday to go out with my daughter for candy.

Now, I really don't want to start a debate, but since this is my blog I will not censure myself and I will just say that I simply do not believe going out for Halloween is haram. Its origins do not change what Halloween means to me (what it means to me is not haram, it just means dressing up, candy, intereacting with neighbours, etc.) and the "imitating the disbelievers" excuse is pure crap as far as I'm concerned. What about disbelievers is so bad that we should not imitate it??! Their haircuts? (yes, I've heard it said!) Wearing of pants? Wearing of other dress that is not traditional in Islam (whatever that even is)? Seriously, everything I've heard people come up with as a meaning for not imitating the disbelievers is on very outwardly things like speech, dress and activities (like birthday parties, etc.). What about being forbidden to do the things that MAKE them disbelievers?! Let's all strive to do good and be God-conscious and our intentions will be clear.

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Becky said...

Amin. I couldn't agree more with what you said.

In Denmark we don't really celebrate Halloween (I say not really, because in the last couple of years it's starting to sneak in here as well, but mainly as a way for the stores to sell Halloween merchandise). We do have our own tradition which is quite similar though. It's called 'Fastelavn' which takes place in February. Traditionally (dating more than 500 years back to when Denmark was Catholic) it was the last Sunday before you started fasting to prepare for Easter. This was celebrated by dressing up and "slå katten af tønden" (literally, beat the cat out of the barrel) and eat special 'fastelavnsboller' which are bread rolls with custard or jam filling. These days only the kids dress up, and there's no longer a cat in the barrel (thank God) instead it is stuffed with candy (sort of like a pinata) later (in the day time) the kids will go "trick-and-treating" - there is a song they have to sing that says if they don't get any fastelavnsboller (the bread rolls) they're going to make trouble, though mostly they get sweets or money (change).

LK said...

Have fun! I dress up on days other than Halloween, its fun. In fact, I rarely get to dress on halloween cause I tend to be sick or working LOL. Having a costume party in like May is so entertaining :)

munir said...

you know it is haram, you prefer denying it, doesn't make permissable.
Again you pick and choose what you want out of islam. You will be the one standing alone in front of Allah on judgement's day ,so it is your choice,,

camilia said...

I'm with you girl!

Stephanie said...

We do Halloween also. Putting on princess costumes and wathcing kids squeal with joy when they get candy if fine in my opinion.
Munir get a life or go to another blog where a bunch of you can all chat about what self righteous Muslims you are when the rest of us are going to burn in hell forever. I'd rather stick a hot needle in my eye, but each to their own you know? what a shameful example you are.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Yay, our friend Munir is back with the enlightening comments! (sarcasm)

Love and Sugar said...

May Allah(swt) guide us all on the right path, give us good knowledge and take away the bad, and allow us to act upon the knowledge he's given.


Candice said...

Becky: It's so interesting to hear about different traditions! Sounds quite similar!

LK: Oh yes, the cosplay? I'd looooove that! I guess I don't have quite enough passion to make it happen since it's something so different here and I know no one who is into that at all...

Munir: I don't believe it's haram and that was quite clear in my post. I don't know why some Muslims think that when a person knows their view and rejects it it means that they are turning away from the truth instead of the simply and real answer of them simply not believing it's the truth!

Camilia: Thanks!

Stephanie: Glad you posted! I am very close to simply not allowing this Munir to post comments on my blog because I hate to bring any sort of arguing on here when I know there will not be any respect or attempt to understand, but he or she gave a very typical side of the story and I figured it deserved at least one comment on this Halloween story. I think my attemps to block these people from posting has paid off as I have not gotten any other negative comments!

Stacy: :P

Love and Sugar: Ameen. I appreciate your dua. :)

thetruth said...

@candice and stephanie,
MUNIR said: you pick and choose what you want out of islam. You will be the one standing alone in front of Allah on judgement's day ,so it is your choice,,.

ME: he never said you will be going to burn in hell.... if you have your own interpretation on islam, why not munir comment on your interpretation?.

Candice said...

thetruth: No. He or she didn't say it in this particular post, but from previous comments, we know what was insiuated by us standing in front of Allah on judgement day. That we'd be judged as worthy of hell.

Anisah said...

Salam alaykom,

I just would like to kindly state that just because someone is giving their view, does not make it negative. Only Allah can decide who is right or wrong.

I strongly feel that we cannot base decisions in islam jsut because of how we feel or what we think. This is MY view. There are some things that God tells us to do or not do and we must follow this. even if we do not understand or if it makes sense to us. This is Faith.

I think Manipulating...not that I am saying you are,. but I know some ppl do, facts and issues so that it "fits" I think Munir meant that it's going to be for God to judge you not him. Whether he said something else in the past or what you think he meant.. is not an issue.. in his statement here. h did not say anything mean or upsetting or negative. It is the pure fact. his view reminded usofthe consequences and this.. is an obligation of a practicing Muslim.
Now... I personally beleive , as a muslim that celebrating Halloween is notok. liek dressing up and candies.donig crafts. do them all the time... like we would birthdays... there should be no special day for this.. it can ba all the time.

I do not think it is haram because of copying the unbeleivers.. I beleive it haram because halloween is based on PAGAN events and muyths. Some Muslims belvie when there is a doubt it is better to not take a chance... cannot pick and choose in Islam. But in the end. like Munir said..we make our choices and we face Allah. But I think if we claim to be opne minded, we must truly be on both sides of the line.

Please Candice, I say this because I love you. Think yourself, is it the desire for this or the actual facts you are basing your decision on. I have used this question for myself manymany times. It helps to clearthings up in my choices.

May Allah guide us all the right direction and if I hadsaid anything that displeases Allah in anyway, May I be forgiven, Incha'Allah.

Candice said...

Anisah: Thanks for your comment. On Munir though, he or she clearly accuses me of denying the haram before telling me I would stand in front of Allah. I think it's obviously that he or she intends a link between these two things or else they wouldn't be said one after the other like that. But may Allah forgive me if I mistook good intentions for bad ones.

I wish I had time to respond in more detail but I'm at work... But one thing that I believe in and that is very important is that Islam is innate and not against common sense. I think it flows perfectly with our common sense, so anyone who really want to open him or herself to God can do so with a bit of work. So for me, if I am opening myself to truth and finding nothing in Islam contradicting it, I take it as halal. I will probably make the wrong decisions here and there or hold beliefs that were in the end wrong, but as long as my intention was to trust and follow Allah and that I correct myself as I go, I'm on the journey that was meant for me.

Anonymous said...

As Salaamu Alaikum Sis

If one decided to celebrate a pagan holiday because of world'y tradition... Allahu Allim. We should know what is or isn't minor shirk and some of us just don't know. Allahu Allim. Like I told this one sister...on my other blog site... I still love you... so don't think I don't... you have your reason and that's between your husband,and Allah.. Yes everything a wife does be it good or bad her spouse will answer to it. So no stress off my back if muslim want to stand on a soap box and state why they celebrate such a holiday... Just don't make it seem like I have too accept it. I don't. It also shows the level of Iman or faith one has in their beliefs and that we're all on different levels in our deen (lifestyle) called Islam...

Candice said...

I get your general tone of disapproval, but other than that, I didn't understand a thing...! Why is someone's husband envolved? Who is "this one sister"? Who is making you have to accept holidays you don't believe in?

Anonymous said...

As Salaamu Aliakum Chica!!!

Gurl , you're husband is envolved in everything that you do... The husband is the Imam of the house hold and he is held accountable for everything that you do good or bad. So Allah will ask him about you're accounts and your little ones. Thats why I said.. no need to stress about if you feel its haraam or not because if your husband said its ok for you to celebrate it- he'll have to answer for it. and the sister I was talking about said to me that she was going to give candy out to the kids at my house... I told her she couldn't and I explained in detail and she said "OK... I won't"
Before she was determined to do it...and I kept quiet and it came to a point where I had to break it down. I wasn't rude. Some muslim I believe sincerely don't know and I will take my time and explain- Not becuase I'm on some hollier than thoguh Kick ( LOL you should know me by now... ha ha ha... far from it) but becauase I was there... I was once like them. I didn't think christmas was wrong because all i saw was green tree, days off and bunch of presants. But learning more about Islam and getting behind the history of non Islamic Holidays open my eyes to how taking part in such holidays are haraam.

naz said...

You want proof? Look up the actual history of Halloween, you will see that it has NOTHING to do with worshiping satan nor is it even a holiday! Why and how can there be writings on Halloween when people don't even understand what it's original history is? Because they are basically going by the Catholic/Christian interpretations on it, without actually looking into it. I'm just going to copy and paste my other responses, but the overall REAL answer is that: 1.) It's not a holiday, 2.) It has never had anything to do with worshiping Satan or evil spirits, 3.) It's not a Pagan holiday (no holiday and festival are not the same things), 4.) It's not a Catholic/Christian holiday (they are the one's who misinterpreted it in the first place!), 5.) There is no possible ways that there can be any original/legit writings against Halloween as the festival was not known during the time of the Qur'an, any writings you will find will come from modern times and from people who don't know how to use a search engine before getting on the, "I'm holier-than-thou" high horse.

It did start out as a Pagan festival, yes. It was a Celtic festival (Samhain- meaning summer's end) to signal the end of the harvest and to 'scare' off evil spirits. Then the Christians came along and misinterpreted it (of course) and thought that it was worshiping the Devil. They misinterpreted it because the people would dress up 'scary' to scare the evil spirits away, you dig? Of course, the Christians took some of the aspects of Samhain to putting into All Saints Day, they did while at the SAME TIME condemning Halloween or All Hallows Day as a Pagan and evil holiday (this did not happen at the beginning though, it seemed to happen much later/ after the Roman Empire had taken over Celtic land).

So as you can see, the holiday/festival is OBSCURE! It has been misinterpreted from the beginning and people are still ignorant enough to not bother looking into the history of it. It has never been and never was for the Devil or hell or whatever. Either way, for anyone who knows a little bit of sociology/culture/society, will realize that events and traditions can change over time and become something completely different. So ask yourself, what does Halloween mean today? I'll tell you, it means dressing up, getting candy, having fun, and being creative. No one is 'pleasing the Devil' and no one even remotely cares about that. The festival (another thing people don't get's not a damn holiday!) of Halloween should be embraced as a time for creativity, doing-it-yourself projects, and having good fun.

It's funny how you have Iman's saying it is worshiping the devil or replacing a holiday or something else that is bad, yet priests and the Catholic Church do the same thing while contradicting themselves. It's clear that no one bothers to do a simple Google search and would rather go by misconceptions.

Of course you might have some emo teens saying it is for satan but when do they dictate, correctly, what centuries of an existing festival was/is? Answer: they don't. Have fun!

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