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The prayer barrier. Is it obligatory to have a sutra when you are in a place where people might pass by? If you don't have one, does it really invalidate prayer or is it more of a recommended thing? If it does invalidate, would a child walking in front of you invalidate prayer?

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Banana Anne said...

Check out this link:

SunniPath has other answers regarding the sutrah, too, if you want to check them out.

Mrs. S said...

I usually throw my purse in front of me if when I'm praying at the masjid or if I am out and have to pray. As far as kids walking in front of you invalidating prayer that is a good question. Kids toddle, crawl and spread out in front of praying moms and dads all the time. I'd be interested if anyone knew the answer to that.

Anonymous said...

I really don't believe that a kid walking in front of you invalidates your prayer.
They don't know any better.
My kids are constantly running in front of me when I pray, even after being told 100+ times not to do it. >_< They're getting better about not doing it now as they're a bit older.
According to a hadith, prayer is invalidated by a woman, a donkey, or a dog; that may be prevented by something equal in height to the back of a saddle {placed in front of the worshipper as a sutrah].
I guess a man does not invalidate your prayers if he walks in front of you. :D

Candice said...

There's a hadith about Aisha arguing with the person who made the donkey-dog-woman hadith... And there's a hadith from Aisha that the prophet prayed towards the bed while she was on the bed and that she would move because she felt uncomfortable with him praying towards her. And the general disgusting, hateful feeling I get from the hadith makes me think it's not from God.

I haven't found anything about children though. I continue to do my prayer and my daugther runs up and tries to hug me or something all the time and I don't consider it invalid. But I've never seen anything shcolarly on that...

Jamilah said...

there are some pretty strong hadith making you think that you should do everything you can to pray with a sutra.... and block anyone from crossing

I saw Abu Said Al-Khudri praying on a Friday, behind something which acted as a Sutra. A young man from Bani Abi Mu'ait, wanted to pass in front of him, but Abu Said repulsed him with a push on his chest. Finding no alternative he again tried to pass but Abu Said pushed him with a greater force. The young man abused Abu Said and went to Marwan and lodged a complaint against Abu Said and Abu Said followed the young man to Marwan who asked him, "O Abu Said! What has happened between you and the son of your brother?" Abu Sa'id said to him, "I heard the Prophet saying, 'If anybody amongst you is praying behind something as a Sutra and somebody tries to pass in front of him, then he should repulse him and if he refuses, he should use force against him for he is a satan.' "

Narrated Busr bin Said:

that Zaid bin Khalid sent him to Abi Juhaim to ask him what he had heard from Allah's Apostle about a person passing in front of another person who was praying. Abu Juhaim replied, "Allah's Apostle said, 'If the person who passes in front of another person in prayer knew the magnitude of his sin he would prefer to wait for 40 (days, months or years) rather than to pass in front of him." Abu An-Nadr said, "I do not remember exactly whether he said 40 days, months or years."

Gardens of Sand said...

I read somewhere that the prophet's grankids used to play on/around him while he prayed & he did not stop them or his prayer.

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