Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Names!

I'm in a baby name mood. I wrote a post a while back and it's all very similar, but I still want to revisit. Even my biggest fan (as if I have them!) wouldn't remember my baby names list from I don't know when! These will all be names that I would consider using. Names *have* to work well in French, English and Arabic for me to be able to use them which restricts things A LOT!

For girls, I love:

Sumaya (nn Maya)
Sajidah (nn Saj, in French pronounced the same as sage)

For boys, things are hard... And I have certain names I love like Oliver, Theodore and Arthur and they work well in French, but in Arabic... Not so much.

What are some nice boy's names that work well in English and Arabic??

I only have:


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ellen557 said...

If you like Sajidah for a girl, you could always go with Sajjad for a boy ^_^

I really adore the names Hassan and Abbas. Also a family friend named their boy Wissam (pronounced wi-ssaaaahm) which I think is a lovely, different name as well.

Mrs. S said...

I'm a big fan of George. It's an English name that is easily said in Arabic. My husband isn't a big fan, but every George I know is adorable. Ayah has become reallly popular for little girls lately. I think I know 4 or 5 young girls who have that name.

mawaddah said...

salam, :) still remember me? hehe
ok, just wanna introduce to u some of the names like, for boys
hakim or asyraf? hehe :)

june seghni said...

what about Adam..

Candice said...

Adam works perfectly in all three languages! And I quite like it! It will go on the list for sure! I just know a few Muslim converts married to Arab men who named their son Adam so it feels very common, but I know it's not especially common here or in the Arab world. Just seems that way!

Candice said...

Hmm, Adam actually managed to be 30th in popularity this year in my province which is pretty high. I guess I have just never met any! Oh well. Olivier (which is very close to my fave Oliver) is a very very popular name here and I still love Oliver.

Anisah said...

boys names are always harder to find one you like. Ibrahim is a great name, my 7 yo's name is Ibrahim.

lala said...

I LOVE Sajjadiah and Sajjad. I thought of naming my son that but settled on Mohsin (also spelled Mohsen or with a "u" instead of an "o"), which is mentioned in the Quran ("Allah SWT loves the mohsineen" or good-doers) and Bibi Fatimah AS's unborn sons name.

I know a lot of people who like the names Qaiys and Zain. Girl names I've heard of include Masooma, Zahra, Nusaybah, Ayah, Sukaynah, Hajera and Majd. But I have no ideaaa if those work in all languages o.O Sorry!!!

Candice said...

I'm really starting to like Sajjad. Works pretty well in French and English even though it sounds like a foreign name.

Adam has become top choice because of how flawless it is in all languages, even if I don't love the name as much as a lot of others (mostly my English names).

Candice said...

I have to add Imane to the list for girls. It's quite a nice name with a beautiful meaning. I'm adding good names here as I go along as a list to look back on if I need to!

Candice said...

Alya is a great name.

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