Monday, August 9, 2010

Ramadan Goals

1) Fast the whole of Ramadan successfully

This is something I know will be difficult for me. It's not something people around my support very much and I have lots of things to do, all during the day... But insha'Allah with some support I will pull through. (Can you tell how scared I am? Sounds like I'm talking about life or death!)

2) Keep my prayers
Very difficult as well for me. I can be in such a negative place that only Allah can get me out of but reaching out to him can be so tough somehow. Makes no sense.

3) Make dua every morning and night
It will be an important way to keep contact with Allah.
Thee (alone) we worship; Thee (alone) was ask for help. (Quran 1:4 or 5... Is the bismillah not counted as a verse in surah Al-Fatiha?)

4) Attend taraweeh at least twice per week on average
I say on average because I am on vacation for 2 weeks and will be able to attend more often while I might not afterwards.

5) Tell some important people about my conversion
An obvious one.

6) Re-memorize two short surahs I have forgotten and implement them in my prayers
I give 2 as a goal but hope to be able to learn 4.

7) Read Qur'an at least 5 minutes per day
It's not a huge goal, but hopefully it will make me pick up the Qur'an and spend more than that on most days.

8) To not engage in office gossip
I will ignore any conversation that has to do with other employees unless I know I will personally confront them about whatever might be happening that is causing the gossip.

9) Try to do one special deed per day
Could be an extra act of worship like a sunnah prayer or a good act towards another person that I wouldn't have a chance to do every day.

10) Make good efforts towards people
This one is two-part. First is being inviting and reaching out to other Muslims during this month. Both in real life and the connections I've made online. Second part is giving people nasiha when they need it, whether it's to a Muslim or not. Not letting the situation roll off me when I know it's wrong.

11) Try to control the hate that burns so badly in my heart
Anyone with good duas, please post. Other than that, I will not be going into an detail about this one.

9 Comentários:

Rukhpar Mor said...

I will definitely keep checking on you=) Don't you worry=)

I think this will be one special Ramadan!!!
May Allah bless you and give you strength to fast the whole of Ramadan..ameen!!

Nurul said...

Salaam Ramadhan Candy. I'm so happy that u've planned ur Ramadhan well. mashaAllah. So happy for u =). Let me know the color of ur eid outfit ya?

Jaz said...

Ramadan Kareem - I hope you achieve all your goals. I'm like you with the fasting it's so difficult for me. I love juice too much. I emailed you :)

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Amazing list! Ramadan kareem :)

Aalya said...

Great goals..I share some of these with you...inshallah we'll get through them!

Susanne said...

Happy Ramadan! I enjoyed reading your list.

Candice said...

Rukhpar Mor: Thank you so much. I need to keep thoughts positive right now AND get rest or I get in a quit type of mood with negativity and fatigue kicking in. Feeling pretty good right now. I'm starting Thursday but fasting part of the day today to get used to it.

Nurul: Thank you Nurul! I don't have any Eid outfit though. I haven't really gotten into the spirit of what a festive Ramadan is like.

Jaz: Didn't get your email, I don't think! :S

CLA: Thanks! Ramadan kareem!

Aayla! Thank you! We can do it!!

Becky said...

I love your goals, you're a lot more ambitious than me :P This is my 2nd Ramadan, but the first where I can fast properly, so InshaAllah I will be able to keep my fasts and do all my prayers. That and reading more of the Qu'ran is going to be my biggest goals this year.

Anonymous said...

May Allah make it easy for you. ameen

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