Monday, August 9, 2010

Ayah of the Week - 4

Your Lord has enjoined you to worship none but Him, and to show kindness to your parents. If either or both of them attain old age in your dwelling, show them no sign of impatience, nor rebuke them; but speak to them kind words. Treat them with humility and tenderness and say: ‘Lord, be merciful to them. They nursed me when I was an infant.' (17:23-24)

What do you get from this?

I think the Qur'an hits the nail on the head when it tells us that we should not show our parents signs of impatience, nor should we rebuke them. These two things are so very common in dealings of children with their parents as they get older, and are two things that lots of people feel fine doing (which is why they need more mentioning than the very obviously wrong things a person can do). Yes, people can become frustrating to deal with as they get older... They are set in their ways and unwilling to re-evaluate things. Their personalities became more extreme versions of their younger selves a lot of times and it's a lot to take. But we are to think back on everything they did for us and be patient and kind with them. We are not to treat them as children (even if they might be going back to a child-like state) but we are to treat them with humility and tenderness.

I think the verse is mainly directed at adult children with older parents, but that of course, its wisdom of respecting your parents is applicable to children of any age and that this is an important value to instill.

Wanted to say too that I have a post coming up about the topic of parents in the Qur'an, in particular "kufr" parents... An article I read that had me confused for a few moments as it "demonstrated" that the Qur'an contradicted itself on the topic... They are quite good at what they do over there so insha'Allah, I hope to go over that article and its sneaky ways with you in the coming days.

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Zuhura said...

Seems pretty straightforward. Boy is it something I struggle with though! My mom drives me crazy and I have to really bite my tongue to treat her politely and respectfully.

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