Monday, July 12, 2010

A Thought...

I have mentionned my best friend a couple times. She's one of the people I feel needs Islam most among non-Muslims I know... I haven't come out to her yet, but she will probably be the first one to know that I am Muslim and I hope it could help her...

In the meantime, I do talk about Islam and put it in a positive light for her. She is very anti-religion after being forced into religion by her mother who is a Jehova's Witness. Anyway.

We were walking the other night and I was talking about being thankful for what we have in this world and how much more we have than so many. I talk about this type of thing regularly enough, but I think I finally found a way that made her actually feel how lucky and blessed we are. I was saying that the fact that we can be so pre-occupied with things like a guy we like not liking us back, spending hours and hours just analysing the text message he sent us trying to figure out if there's any underlying meaning, going over conversations time after time, agonizing over this, shows that we have SO MUCH. Basically that we can at least find something to be thankful about in not having the life threatening issues a lot of people have in other countries like poverty. I showed her how people are still living in Haiti even after this time has passed and how slowly the situation is really improving (that's what was in the newspaper that day) and I think it put some stuff in perspective a little bit.

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Susanne said...

That's really sweet of you! I'm sure you got her to thinking anyway. :)

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