Friday, July 23, 2010

Small personal Facebook project

Inspired by my Ayah of the Week segment, I have started posting verses (or part of verses) of the Qur'an on my Facebook status daily. It is for 2 reasons:

1) To continue my gradual approach in "coming out" as a Muslim. It will be less and less of a surprise when I finally tell my family that I am Muslim.

2) To give non-Muslims on my list a positive view of Islam. I am writing parts of verses with their surah and verse numbers, without writing specifically that it's from the Qur'an and avoiding verses that talk too much about God since the people I'm trying to touch don't really believe in God. I'm finding verses that just give a small dose of positiveness that you can find in the Qur'an.

Insha'Allah, this works as a form of dawah. :)


5 Comentários:

Susanne said...

I noticed those statuses. How nice. :)

Hajar said...

Awesome! I was also thinking of doing something similar starting Ramadhan. :)

umm hikmah said...

that is a beauuutiful idea! I do that alos, but because the majority of my friends are muslim on facebook I put ayahs or hadith pertaining to rulings which alot of people aren't aware of, or common misconceptions amongst muslims!
I think this generation of muslims really needs to make use of all these resources! As right as our elders are when they say the internet and tv and ipod/phone etc are big fitnahs, we can still use them to our advantage! you can have the full quran on your iphone, u can listen to islamic lectures on your ipod, you can broadcast islamic channels on a tv.. etc etc :)

in conclusion - GREAT IDEA SIS!!! x


Candice said...

Umm Hikmah: Yes, I agree that we can use all those things to Islam's advantage. It can be difficult to find a middle ground, but that's what Islam is about and I think a lot of Muslims make it work!

Ati said...

Good idea for da'wah, sis!

It can also act as reminder to ourselves to increase our own faith. Masya-Allah, you are simply lovely and amazing.

Keep up the good work. May Allah bless you always.

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