Friday, June 18, 2010

A simple life

I dream of being able to lead a life that is down to the basics. Growing our own food, having our own animals, teaching my kids things hands-on, using our imaginations for playing and learning!

I wouldn't want to give up some of the luxuries I have in life though, like technology to be able to research things quickly, keep connected easily with people. I love how easy knowledge is to have access to and I feel I know how to use the tool and so I wouldn't give it up. I also would not want to give up having a vehicle to be able to travel easily, whether out of necessity or simply for recreation.

I would give up living in materialism where it's important to have "nice things" whether or not they function any better than another. And things that bring us emptiness. Excessive television and games that bring nothing but entertainment. They are so time-consuming that they take away from working on important things like strengthening our iman, making an effort to do good deeds, charity, family, etc. This type of entertainment should be a luxury that is not part of daily life...

I wish I could simplify my life that much. I am a person who takes things very gradually so I am making small efforts in hopes that with time, my life will have changed.

What do you do to simplify your life, if you have any such desires?

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Anonymous said...

wisely spoken! what steps have you taken so far?

I've tried to cook all our meals ffrom scratch and growing an herb garden. my friends tell me that as soon as my baby is born that will all end I'll begin a love affair with ready made food. but Iono they told me that before i got married to.

its nice to hear someone else valuse down to earth-ed ness!

Inshallah you'll get where u want to gof!!

.::Tuttie::. said...

I always dreamed I would spend my golden years in a farm somewhere basking in the sun picking fruits from the trees and so on. My life is pretty simple right now actually, not much that complicates it so am good. alhamdulillah.

Candice said...

Anya: I don't think your attitude about meals from scratch will change! You might, for a period of time, need to adjust your meals to more simple meals, maybe semi ready made (like using a bag of frozen veggies for a stir-fry instead of spending an hour cutting up a wide variety of veggies! But really, at least for me, having a baby made me focus more on good nutrition. We do it all for them!

Tuttie: Alhamdulilah!

CreativeSoul said...

nicely said :) the best things are the most natural things on this earth, which islam provides for us. No wonder people who live in the country side live longer, healthier, happier lives than those who live in large cities or urban settings.


Mrs. S said...

A huge simplification has been the decision to eat in. Instead of getting delivery, going out or buying pre-prepared we joined Costco and get Fresh Direct. We’ve saved a noticeable amount of money and it’s been surprisingly wonderful. The biggest shock of all has been how much less stressful cooking has been than I imagined.

The next step is working on the over consumption and blatant consumerism that runs rampant where we live. It’s been frighteningly easy to get caught up in it. I’d like to get back to getting things fixed when they break instead of throwing them out. Actually wearing shoes or a handbag or a top until it is no longer functional rather than just not “current” and dialing back on the labels. The lesson for me is that just because we have the money to spend doesn’t mean we should spend it, and so we’ve been trying to give a lot more to the masjid and to charity.

Candice said...

CreativeSoul: I loooove the country and just dream of living outside of the city. It's good to have distance to separate us from all the distractions of the city and focus on our families - what is actually important.

Mrs. S.: I have found that make my own meals has also been a huge plus in simplifying. I feel just bad everytime something happens that makes me need to fall back on pre-made or take-out. But things do happen... Becoming ill, dealing with sickness in the family, having a mini-burnout. I feel like I can't deal with cooking and have no time, but then I end up having trouble dealing with the extra money it takes for pre-made, and the lessened quality of nutrition and it doesn't help the situation at all!

I love what you say about having money but not having to spend it. I wish I had more to give sometimes, but it's true that by simply spending less, I could give more. There are *always* simplifications that can be made if we are dedicated to cutting down.

UmmSqueakster said...

I saw this book and thought of you :)

I'll probably get it if we ever move into a house (inshaAllah).

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