Thursday, June 10, 2010

I miss Masr


I long so much for Egypt lately. I know it has to do with my dissatisfaction with work to want to just get out. I definitely need my vacation, but those 2 weeks are coming in August... But it's more than that because I feel like I would want to go to Egypt to live for a couple years. I know it's in part because of the good memories I have there... things were just better between me and my husband. Another part is Islam. I feel it would be a place I'd feel just free and proud to practice Islam and work on myself as a Muslim. The country is backwards in so many ways but the things I need help with I know I'd have there. And the other things that are part of me but not necessarily part of Egypt or Egyptians I feel confident enough about to not let that get in my way! And I'd love for my daughter to learn Arabic, so of course it would be a great opportunity for her to go there for a couple years straight sometime to learn the language well. With only one Arab parent and no Arab family here, she doesn't get much Arabic at all. I'd love to learn a bit myself!

Every time I get a wiff of "street smell" here when an old bazou car passes by me as I am walking on the street, I think of Egypt and wish I was there! Everytime it's super hot and dry (like when entering a hot car), I think of Egypt and wish I was there! :P

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Umm Omar said...

I miss Egypt, too!

Anonymous said...

aww, i know what u mean habibti. sometimes i long so much for sham. the same thing happens when i get a whif of deisel car or cigarettes or hooka. but i know its not in out best interest to move back home yet. and maybe in the future we will take a trip there to visit. we have a coin jar and we are saving coins to go to syria..LOL..i have 114 after 6 monthes. so I think it'll take maybe 10 years before we save enough to go..LOL..just pray sister and try to enjoy small things like dinner out when u go. or your children. its hard soemtimes reasing a family and working but in the end trust me teh stress will pay off. God will reward you for your strife in life. patience a good cup of shey and maybe a good cry into your pillow will help and inshallah you'll wake up tomorrow ready to embrace ur strife..:-)

Susanne said...

I can relate somewhat as I often have similar feelings about Syria and wishing to live there for a while. :)

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

I miss Egypt too :( There's just something about it.

Candice said...

Anya: Thanks for the comment.

Susanne: It's one of those things I'd like to do "for a while" as well. I couldn't live there if it was going to be for life. I don't think it could become my home, but I'd want a semi long term stay (for me, 2-3 years sounds good).

CLA: There really is something about it... It's infuriating, but easy to become attached to somehow.

Technodoll said...

Life is short... you must follow your dreams, girl! Go at least for a visit and then see if you could arrange a long-term stay?

Candice said...

We plan a visit in 2011 but my husband doesn't work and I refuse to put such a trip on my salary seeing as I pay everything. It would not be possible anyway! Hopefully that works out. For something long term, there would need to be decent employment prospects and that will be difficult. Not sure it will ever work out, but at least with 2 salaries here, we'd be able to afford a yearly vacation which would be pretty good!

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