Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Honour killings

Another situation to make me ashamed of being Muslim.

I don't for a second believe that these horrible crimes are Islamic, but they do come up in Muslim cultures. Some of the most backward cultures existing! Similar problems in Muslims from all sorts of majoritarily Muslim countries! What is wrong?! Why do cultures that have a majority of Muslims have all these barbaric, disgusting practices? Do the teachings of Islam, over time, bring THIS?!

Maybe I'm the one who doesn't understand Islam correctly. Not to say that Islam the religion says that these crimes are allowed, but let's just say Islam does not have the most peaceful of histories either. Maybe I'm pushing Buddhist ideas into Islam because that's what I personally believe about violence?

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rahma said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

NOTHING should make you ashamed to be a muslim. To be a muslim is la ilaha il Allah, Muhammadur rasul Allah. Nothing in that to be ashamed about :)

One can be ashamed of the behavior of muslims (and honor killings are right up there at the top of stupid unislamic things muslims do that really really really need to be stopped), but please don't ever be ashamed of your faith.

sara said...

Why would you even bring up religion in this case,the newspapers didn't even bring up that aspect of this crime.Just the country of origin of the mother.
Honor killings are cultural, Indu have a very high rate of it.
Why as a muslim would you cast a doubt on our perfect religion!!!!Why would you even say you are ashamed!!!I am proud of a religion that was the first to protect women!!!Muslims like any other humans commit crimes,but if they really followed Islam, they wouldn't.
Can't you tell the difference between Islam and culture?

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Rahma!! Her comment is true!

these barbaric people usually dont know anything about islam or if they r some type of imam they are corrupt and use their position to impose dominence and fear over their followers. TRUST ME! this isn't islamic. its just pathetic but then again shaytan knows how to affect people so taht islam seems scary or wtv. Whenever you hear about this again just think to urself, this is shaytan working agains the ummah again!

Technodoll said...

OK I must have missed it in the news: what happened? :(

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

I agree with rahma, we should never be ashamed to be muslim, instead we should say Alhamdulillah. Islam is a beautiful religion. Cultural practices that go against islam is what we should be ashamed of. These "cultural muslims" who put culture first instead of questioning practices that their ancestors practiced need guidance and we should continue to make dawah to them and pray for them because they are misguided. I dislike it when the media combines the two (islam with cultural practices such as honor killings, because no where in islam does it teach such a thing).

sara said...

The only articles publishing that it was a crime related to Islam were from anti Islamic publications,other newspapers didn't refer tho that at all,so why would you as a muslim say you are ashamed of being muslim????

Candice said...

Techno: It's just these cases of honour killings that are in the news lately. A couple days ago a father and son plead guilty to a murder and just a week before, what seems like an honour crime happened right here in Quebec (Laval).

Rahma, Anya, Rene: What you say is true. I am not ashamed of what I believe in of course. But I am ashamed of what Muslims do, and I don't want to be associated to that. I often feel that I am not even that much part of the "traditional Muslims" (the regular, non-violent, good Muslims with a traditional interpretation of Islam), so the term "Muslim" is difficult for me when it comes to being public about it. Of course, this is a frustration that I have because I don't like having to hide a part of myself and I don't know how to announce it. It came out in a weird way when I wrote my post.

Sara: No need to be upset and come back posting things on my comments section when I haven't even gotten around to replying. I don't even know why you bring up that they don't mention that they are Muslim. I know they don't, although in both cases it's obvious the family is. It still brings negativity to Islam whether they mention it or people just know without them mentioning it. Either way: We know they are from a Muslim culture.

sara said...

To change the bad view that the west has of muslims, it's up to us, muslims to show that Islam is not a culture, we come from all different cultures.
Islam, is a religion, a religion of tolerance and peace.I would never feel ashamed of my religion,and I would always stand tall and be an example of what Islam is really.By living my life as a muslim in a western society, not hiding,I am making dawah, people can see the true Islam.
People hiding that they are muslim are only encouraging the bad view that some people have,if someone believes in their religion,they are not afraid to speak up against false reporting like saying that honour killings are from Islam and that Islam has an history of violence, what about the crusades??

Anonymous said...

"Some of the most backward cultures existing! Similar problems in Muslims from all sorts of majoritarily Muslim countries! What is wrong?! Why do cultures that have a majority of Muslims have all these barbaric, disgusting practices?"

Can you explain what you mean (i.e., what practices?). I think every country has its' issues ... there's no utopia anywhere. But I'm curious to hear what you're talking about specifically.

Candice said...

Aynur: When I wrote that, I was obviously thinking mainly of honour killings, but I also had female circumsicion in mind. Both things that these people do for religion. They are not right, but it is frustrating that for them, it is Islam.

Anonymous said...

Candice - I see. I can see the religious link (scriptural basis) with female circumcision, but honestly not with honor killings. Those are done regardless of the religion, or lack thereof ... and Karen Armstrong mentions something in the forward to her book "Muhammad" about female circumcision - she says something to the effect of it being around way before Islam was established, but it was incorporated into the hadith literature since it was part of the culture at the time. Which makes sense. And Christians in Africa practice it as well.

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