Monday, June 28, 2010

Exhausted and need my vacation!!

I have 2 weeks off and this year, I am taking them TOGETHER! TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT! Last year, I took one in June after dealing with Nora and her hospitalisation and arthritis. I was burnt OUT! My second week was taken after Nora came back from Egypt for her 6 week vacation. I had been so stressed and missed her so much I probably would have needed more than 1 week with her before going back to work, so let's just say I am really needing this vacation.

Unfortunately, I still have until mid-August to wait. But MAN I will take advantage of it! I am trying to find a chalet by a lake to rent so I can just relax outside there, make fires at night, go canoeing or kayaking during the day... Just relaxing stuff in a relaxing atmosphere. It's coming soon, it's coming soon. I must keep that in mind! I'm TIRED!

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CATGIRL said...

Hey deary.. love ur blog outlook and ur religious thoughts. Such a great post esp the one on honour killings below. i wrote on it in my blog here too
. I am a female writer and MBA from Karachi, Pakistan Best of Luck for ur blogging..and i m joining ur blog . Care to be my follower too- if u like my blog??

Technodoll said...

Isn't anticipation a delicious thrill though? wooo!

June is over and July sucks anyways (rain, rain, sweltering sauna, rain...) so August will be perfect for your getaway. :)

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