Friday, May 14, 2010

Thinking way in advance

My daughter goes to daycare full time while I work, and they have activities for everything as an occaision for learn. I was thinking that as a Muslim child, Nora should bring something Muslim to the table when Ramadan comes! What could I do to try and encorporate a little Ramadan activity for the kids?

A show and tell thing? Nora is only 3 years old so she wouldn't have much to tell, but she could bring in something... Or else just a Ramadan lantern drawing that they could all colour. The teacher could at least tell them this is a Ramadan drawing and the word would be that much less alien to them.

I obviously need some ideas! What could I do or suggest to the daycare to encorporate Ramadan? Keep in mind that Nora is very probably the only Muslim there.

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Jaz said...

That's a great idea! I love the lantern colouring-in idea too, especially since she's only 3 that's nothing too complicated but it brings the word in. Maybe she could also bring in a little egyptian ramadan sweet or something for each kid (good way to convince them that ramadan is a GOOD thing and muslims are generous people haha).

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

I agree with the sweets! Or maybe bring in a dish that you guys traditionally break your fast with? Could she bring in a catchy nasheed (for children) that the class could listen to that sings about ramamdan? (maybe a video that has images so the children can understand the lyrics better, something from youtube maybe?)

Nikki said...

If I remember correctly, you're in a French speaking community...?

I've bought my son two cute children's books on Ramadan and Eid, but they're in English. Perhaps find something like that for the teacher to read aloud for Nora's class.

Here's one of the ones he has, cute and very inexpensive.

Good luck!

Anisah said...

Good idea Nikki. When my daughter was in kindergarten, I typed up something for her teacher to read to the kids about Ramadan. Obviously has to be age appropriate.


Candice said...

Jaz: A sweet could be a good idea, but I'm not sure they would allow any outside food.

Rene's: If I find a video that is good and in French it would be a fantastic idea to have them show it!

Nikki: Yes, it's French-speaking... Books in French must exist... And it would probably be easier to find than a video so it would be a very good idea... I have quite a bit of time to look into it before Ramadan actually arrives.

Anisah: Glad to hear you also did something for Ramadan for your young kid! :D

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