Monday, May 10, 2010

My chicks

Here is a picture of my 3 chicks! I got them Saturday morning before Nora's birthday party. They were a hit with the kids! They are so cute and love to chirp! I need to spend more time with them though because they don't quite like humans yet. The yellow one in particular is a real scardeycat!

Two of the chicks (the yellow one and the darker one you see) are Easter Eggers. They will lay blue or green eggs! The other one is some rare breed I forget the name... It's supposed to lay dark brown eggs when the time comes. I have another 20 weeks or so of waiting before that first egg though! It will almost be winter by then and they won't lay as often as they would during the sunnier seasons. It's OK though! It's a long-term project and I'm looking forward to seeing them grow up!

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Jaz said...

Wow that is so cool! I've always wanted to keep chickens but I've neither the space, time or the patience. Good luck!

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

awww they are so cute. I would love to have some chics. When I was in Morocco with my husband over the summer he asked me if I wanted to buy some chics.... I then found out that they were not meant for pets but to be eaten when they get older! I quickly said No! I cant imagine eating a pet, and I personally could not raise an animal only to eat it later on!

NeverEver said...

MashaAllah how cool!!

Man I've had this really curious urge lately to have a farm. Or at least a good sized garden with maybe a goat and some chickens.

Maybe it is all this sunshine lately... lol

rahma said...

You're missing the most important part - their names! What are you going to call them?

Candice said...

Jaz: I don't have much space at all, but I will keep them in a 2-story triangular 4'x8' (at the bottom) coop. Doesn't take that much space at all! It's only for a couple birds though. See a previous post of mine where I put a picture of what my final proudct is supposed to look like.

Rene's: Well, I'd love to taste a chicken I knew was well fed and cared for. A 100% Islamic chicken! But at 3 total, I will probably get a bit too attached to really want to eat them :S

NeverEver: That would be great!!

rahma: I will wait a bit to name. Haven't been inspired yet!

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

AWWWW! Sooooo cute!!!

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

Ummm nice, decent chicks. well i would suggest these names for them chic-chak-choo. loll

Technodoll said...

Wooo you went and did it! Congrats! Where did you get them from? They're soooo cute!

I hope they're all girls, that would be most excellent :-)

The dark-egg one is either a welsummer or a marans, btw - cuuuute!

Candice said...

Techno: Yes, I did it! They have been at my house for 6 days now and are BIG already! They are 2 weeks old now. The yellow one is a bit smaller - the only one that can't jump out of the box and perch himself on it, and is very scared of me still while the other two are quite friendly now.

About the breed of that dark-egg one... The guy had Marans as a breed at his farm so it could very well be that! I actually couldn't remember which breed he said for that one, but it was a really complicated type of long name and when I went back to check the list of breeds he had on, Penedescanas (or something like this) is the one I figured it might be... But it could have been Maran but with the full complete name that wouldn've made it complicated!

He said he could sex these ones. I wanted a barred rock and buff orpington pretty bad originally and he had some, but said he couldn't sex them, so I went the safer road.

Technodoll said...

Ah, penedesencas! you lucky girl, you! :-D

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