Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I've made a couple posts about the lottery and how I don't participate... I seriously hate the lottery... I don't participate in our office's lottery pool and never even considered it. I didn't even join the office gang when they went to play Bingo. I just don't believe in gambling.

BUT it happens sometimes that a person might give me a lottery ticket for some reason like at Christmas. I got one last Christmas from my uncle and won 15$. I cashed it this week and decided that for such cases where I am forced into a lottery situation and win something, I will just donate it to a charity. I'm quite pleased with my solution to just give it.

My husband brought up a scenario: What if I am given a lottery ticket for the 20 million dollars and win it??? Thinking about it seriously, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for me to give that all away to charity. I am the only income for my family and working in a "haram" industry (loans) and I could not *not* use part of this money on myself and my family to remove myself from this and get educated in a field that really would suit me. And I couldn't not keep some to help my family out! And I couldn't not keep some to ensure my daughter has a fund for future needs. My giving plan works well on smaller amounts, but for millions... I couldn't. A new plan had to be made. (lol)

If I win 20 million dollars from a lottery ticket someone gave me, I'd give some to that person and of course spoil people I love. After, there'd be 20% to charities I support. I'd then take care of a basic want by getting a house that would be large enough to accommodate my family, my parents and husband's parents comfortably (and on a farm near town), and keep enough cash for living expenses handy since I would quit my haram job right away, and put the rest in placements that could be yielding, giving all of the earnings to charity. And also with the left over money, I'd like to start some sort of charity or foundation. I don't know what I'd want to do, but it would be Islamic, and open for anyone. Hopefully it would be good dawa... I'd see where the need is in the community.

I guess it's nothing extravagent... I hope to do most of this stuff in my regular little life! Quitting my job, getting a house and starting a charity or foundation. :)

OK, this has been an anti-gambler's little dream on winning the lottery! lol

OOH! I just thought of something to add. I think I might have to "bite the hand that fed me" by using money for a small anti-gambling campaign. Might be controversial, but that's what gets people thinking, isn't it?

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ellen557 said...

That sounds lovely :) I remember hearing about a Muslim man from the UK who won a lot of money but his sheikh found out and he was persuaded to give it all to charity lol.

Susanne said...

Well, if you were given the ticket, it's not like you went out and bought it. :) Great plan! Hope you win! :-D

Candice said...

Ellen: It seems extreme to ask him to donate it ALL! How great that he did though!

Susanne: I probably won't get lottery tickets as gifts anymore. It has been made pretty clear. My boss might at the Christmas party or something though like he did one year though.

Anisah said...

Charity begins at home !! lol

Candice said...

My family is pretty much all set!

I started reading Little Women and near the beginning, the girls, who are at that moment poor, have a good breakfast made for Christmas morning and their mom asks them to give it to an even poorer family. How sweet that they actually did it, even if it meant that they themselves would be hungry on Christmas morning.

They didn't have extra to give, but they found a way to give and I find that so inspiring!

Anonymous said...

I think that if you're given the ticket, it's different than if you buy it yourself. And I wouldn't worry about winning a ticket with that big of a jackpot... lol... but I like your idea of what you'd do with the money. :)

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