Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Islam tag

Saw this on Sincerely, LabellaIman and so I consider myself tagged :) I'm not going to sound smart by admitting this, but I never realised her name was Iman! hahaha

1. Name ? Candice

2. How long have you been muslim? About 10 months (since July 2009)

3. What menhaj do you follow? None.

4. Do you attend the masjid regularly? No, I really don't. I went so much more before I was Muslim, and even then just once a week!

5. Have you ever made a pilgrimage (Hajj/umrah/jamaat)? No, but insha'Allah one day! I don't know what jamaat is though (anyone able to help me out?)

6. Do you wear hijab/niqab? I wear hijab occaisionally and wish to wear it full time someday. I would not wish to wear niqab though; at least not here in Canada. If I were in a country where a woman in niqab somehow got more respect or less negative attention and it was necessary for my safety, I most definitely would.

7. Would you like to make hijrah? Of course! What Muslim wouldn't? For me, any move for Islam is a hijrah, so my goal would be to move to another place in Canada that has a bigger Muslim population, a nearby mosque, good programs for children and ideally an Islamic school, easy access to halal food and all that. Basically a place that would make it easier for me to be a good practicing Muslim.

8. Are you married? If so, how long has it been? If not, when do you want to? I am married and have been since December 2005.

9. Do you have children? Yes, I have one daughter and she just turned 3 this month!

10. Do you label yourself (Sunni/Salafi/Shi'a/Tableeghi etc)? I don't actually label myself anything else than Muslim because I think that would go against what I believe Islam is, but of course I have certain things I believe that might make people label me something... Don't know what it would be. Maybe reformed or semi-Qur'an only. But seriously, these labels just divide us.

11. Is your family Muslim? No, they are probably filed under Catholic but they don't follow religion and from what I can see don't believe in the basic Catholc beliefs but they themselves don't know that since they don't really think much of religion.

12. Do you have any Islamic goals? LOTS of them. To observe 5x daily prayer... To give more to charity... To become a foster parent... To begin wearing hijab... To get a "halal" job...

13. Favorite Islamic book? Qur'an.

14. What is your favorite thing about Ramdaan? Haven't had a chance to enjoy Ramadan. Last year's was difficult for me.

15. Favorite Quran reciter? Don't really have one. But it could be Mishary Ben Rashid since he's the only one I really listen to!

16. Would you recommend any good Islamic books? Yes :P

17. How many Ju'z do you know? What are juz again? What I know are only a few basic surahs.

18. Favorite Hadith? Don't really have one...

19. What do you like best about Islam? The basic truth of it.

20. What do you think is the best way to spread dawah? By *showing* exactly what a Muslim is and what Islam is through action.

21. For converts, what got you interested in Islam? For born Muslims, what sparked you into being a practicing Muslim? For me, as a convert, it was hijab that got me interested in what Islam was at the very beginning and after that, ritual prayer directly to God ALONE is what really made me feel like this religion was something I wanted to investigate more deeply.

Now add a question, and keep the tag going!!

I tag everyone interested!

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Banana Anne said...

Yay, I love these things! I just filled this out on my blog.

Jaz said...

The Qur'an is split into 30 sections, each called a juz to help you memorize/read in easy chunks. You could read 1 per day in Ramadan for example so you'd complete the Qur'an by the end.

But what I want to know is what is a menhaj? Is it an Islamic Religious/Politcal Movement?

Candice said...

That's what I thought the juz was... Who memorizes the Qur'an in juz though? I start with a goal of 1 small surah and work from there... When I'm done the smaller ones, I might go for a bigger one, or the one I find has the most meaning for me. Not by juz! But I guess for a person wanting to memorize the whole thing... Anyway...

I don't really know what a menhaj is either! I was thinking it was like a madhab... Either way, I know I don't follow one so that's how I answered!

Nader said...

its really nice to see that islamtag been used by a Muslim friend ... and nice topic..
if you would like to join us in our social network. will be great to have you in our site and you can write so everyone can gain knowledge


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