Thursday, May 27, 2010

I come from a good family

It's with a bit of life experience that eyes become way open to what kind of shit there is in existance on this earth. People are not all decent.

Coming from a good family, I've always been surrounded with good people! I attracted good friends as well... It left me with a general feeling that the world is good, but of course I was just blessed with these people in my life and it isn't most people.

4 Comentários:

Anisah said...

Al hamdulillah sis.. u are blessed.

Candice said...

SO blessed, al7amdulilah!

Technodoll said...

I agree... I too know I am luckier than most in terms of being surrounded by awesome people. Is it karma though? or just luck?

Candice said...

It can go under a bunch of names! Blessings, luck, good karma. Who knows? :)

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