Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Daughter's 3rd birthday

I'm so excited, I'm having my daughter's birthday party on Saturday May 8th at my place. I never have guests over so it will be really weird to have people over! It will mostly be family with a couple of my friends and a total of 5 other kids. One of them is my daughter's age and the others are a bit older (5, 6, 8, 9).

If it rains, we will stay inside and I plan on having the kids decorate their own cupcakes, do crafts, and there will be a couple games. Pin the tail on the donkey, hide and seek, hot potatoe (or varitation) and maybe limbo. I will not have competition with gifts though and just make individual gift bags /party favours that are appropriate to their age and sex. And I want to make small thank you cards with Nora with stickers and glitters if I have time.

If it's nice enough to go out, I will have a trampoline set up that Nora is getting as a gift from my parents, and I will have a bunch of bubbles they can blow and we will play the games outside. I think we will have a blast. :) My first time planning pretty much anything!

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Anonymous said...

Insha'allah it will be a great party!

Technodoll said...

Wow it sounds like a blast and totally under control! Makes me want to be a kid again :)

Mona Zenhom said...

That sounds like a lot of fun, they'll have a blast!

Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting!!!
My hubby has said 'no' to having a party for my oldest who will be 5 on the 10th. So have fun for us!! :D

Hebah said...

I don't get people who say thier muslim and then celebrate birthdays, when it's clearly something taken from the Christians, so why do we muslims copy them?

Susanne said...

Happy birthday, Nora! :-)

Your party plans sound fun!

Candice said...

Thanks for the comments! The plans kinda fell out though since my friend's 3 children won't be coming afterall. Case of chicken pox. So that leaves one child who is coming for sure and one who is coming after another birthday party she has. I'm kinda bummed.

Canadian Shopper said...

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Happy birthday to your DD

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