Friday, April 30, 2010

Not much to say!!

I want to thank everyone for reading and subscribing to my blog. I notice every time I get new subscriptions and I really appreciate them a lot!

I haven't been posting very much lately because there isn't much to say that is related to Islam and I don't want to confuse my blog with a bunch of personal posts. That being said, having some more personal posts not related to Islam once in a while isn't so bad!

I have mentioned my plan for building a chicken coop and having a couple chickens in my backyard, and this continues to be my little project! Last weekend me and a friend cut all the pieces of wood to build the coop and we plan on assembling all those pieces together over the weekend. It was a fun time at Home Depot finding all the different sizes of wood from the list, treated and not. We really didn't know what we were doing and laughed A LOT! The trips to my place with lots of 8 foot long wood in our smallish cars (one trip each!) was pretty interesting. It was all about hugging the wood.

I've been learning about all sorts of different chicken breeds lately trying to find a suitable breed for my little flock. I managed to find a bunch of breeds that have characteristics I am looking for, but had overlooked a part. I want to raise them from as early as possible for them to be used to being handled and to being with us. They will be our family pet, afterall! But the part I overlooked is that so young, pure breeds are hard or impossible to sex! Meaning I could end up with a ROOSTER!!! *gasp*!

I learn about a mix of breeds (can be different breeds but I don't know enough to know all the combinations) that will make chicks that can be sexed from hatch! The future hens are one colour and the future roosters are another! They call them sex-links. The picture at the head of the post is a red sex link. And they have all the characteristics I am looking for. Now I just need to find some in my area but I hear they are sold ready-to-lay, which is not what I'm looking for since I want babies...

Anyway! I will leave it at that with chicken talk.

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Stacy aka Fahiima said...

So fun! We always had around 20 chickens when I was a kid, so I've missed having them in the last few years. It is really fun to have roosters too though, so you can have fertilized eggs and hatch chicks every once in awhile. I had a Bantam rooster that was my pet who was rainbow colors. I used to bring him in the house and carry him around outside :-) Chickens are very tame if you get them young.

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Awww cute! But why did you choose chickens to be your family pet? Unique choice...:p

Anisah said...

family pet eating?

Candice said...

Stacy: I'm really looking forward to this kind of experience! But I can definitely not get a rooster since I'm right in town and it's not explicitly allowed to have even chickens.

CLA: My favourite animal is the dog and that would be my first choice for a pet, but my husband doesn't like dogs and wouldn't accept to have it inside. Little by little, as a realized that my dream was for a farm, chickens came to mind for this dream farm of mine, and then I learned that it might be possible to keep a couple here in my backyard in the city!

Anisah: I don't know yet! If I find that my accommodations are not suitable for winter, I might go down that road and have some halal meals. But since it will be a family pet, I think I might feel too bad to do that! I will have to see. Hopefully I am able to keep them through winter.

Technodoll said...

Chicken talk is the best! :-D

More, please!

Anonymous said...

one of the moms in my meetup group has something like 3 chickens, and got a few new chicks ... but she got them from somewhere out-of-state, since she wanted only females so they were more expensive to be sexed. They are soooooo cute when they're chicks!!! Last summer there was 1 especially that was more tame than the others, so I carried it around when I visited. It still allows you to hold it now, at least I do. :)) She had the first ones all last summer and then finally in the fall they started laying eggs.

Amber said...

Heh. I was going to ask what was wrong with rooster's, and then you answered the question. I forgot you live in the city. :)

The chicken you've got pictured is very pretty. We haven't decided what kind of hens we're going to get. We'll just have them as pets/laying hens, and have to make sure that we collect the eggs quickly. :)

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