Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My introduction to Islam (late 2004)

I got interested in Islam after chatting with a Muslim man online when I had just entered college and was living alone for the first time in late 2004. It was a time for me to learn about myself after having been in an all white middle class environment for 17 years. I spent my time thinking about *MORE* when I was a teenager. I kept on changing highschools trying to find something more (4 schools in 5 years). College was amazing and full of diversity and exactly what I had been searching for! Finally I felt like I was becoming ME. At first, it had nothing to do with Islam, really. It was just about discovery from meeting people with different origins, reading, learning philosophy, all that stuff. But when I first learned a bit about the religion from chatting with that person, something about it gave me butterflies. I can't describe it any other way. I was an agnostic atheist at the time. And it was a spark in me that told me there might be a God.

Things with this person I chatted with didn't work out. I didn't really think it would, but I had hopes at the time I guess. After "it" (a friendship that was maybe a bit more than that to me) ended, I continued to have the feeling that I'd want to be with a Muslim. Don't know why!

Fast-forward only a couple months to May 2005 and I met my husband online. Married him a few months after when I went to Egypt and I had my daughter in May 2007. I continued to have periods where I would read everything I could about Islam and feel that it was somehow right, but without getting to the conclusion (of being Muslim).

During my time living in Egypt, I went online a lot and got into the "Qur'an alone" movement in Islam. It gave me huge hopes in Islam because hadiths were something I strugged with and it was reassuring to see that there were some people who felt the same way. What attracted me to Islam was that it seemed to be such an ultimate truth, but if hadiths were a necessary part of Islam, it just couldn't be this ultimate truth I could believe in. So this was one phase I went through in my research (Qur'an only)... With time, I stepped away from it because it was just another extreme... And I find hadiths have their place and are quite valuable (although not for law).

I was also attracted to Islam because of the hijab. This seems to get a lot of women interested, from what I've read on blogs and forums. Learning about hijab, we realize that it's really not about oppression, and it's an amazing thing that works on so many levels! Modesty, being recognized as Muslim and reminding us to act properly. I don't wear hijab, but I wish to, even if I don't believe it's an obligation on every woman.

To continue on now: I discovered a hijab fashion blog, and from it and the blog rolls, got into a lot of different blogs by Muslimahs. I felt I had something to say and I started my own blog... It's what made me continue to think about Islam and learn and ask... I used to block on something and just stop there, but with the blog, everything was out and I was getting feedback too so it's like my journey continued without stopping. I really consider this blog a big part of why I became Muslim when I did. It sped up the process bigtime and for that, I'm thankful! It sucks to be in religion limbo! (someone says this on their blog, and they are so right).

So there you have it. The way I was introduced to Islam and where it went from there!

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Banana Anne said...

Masha'Allah, Masha'Allah! Everyone comes to Islam in their own way, and I always love to hear what got other people interested. I too was also attracted to Islam in part by hijab; I wear it full time now and am truly happy with it, Alhamdulillah!

LK said...

Such a cool story thanks for sharing!

Religion limbo does suck LOL

Susanne said...

How interesting to read your story. I'm glad you shared it! I enjoyed it. :)

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

salaam alaikum!

Alhamdulillah you found islam! I love reading stories by converts!
I too got interested in islam by a guy I fancied my freshman year of Uni. Amazing how something as simple as a crush can motivate someone to learn more about a religion. I too admired and intrigued by hijab. I found it so beautiful and even before I was muslim I used to take pictures with friends posing as a muslim woman lol (not to mock but because I loved the look).
I pray that Allah gives you the strength to wear hijab. It can be difficult at first, making the decision to put hijab on because not only is it a piece of cloth its a way of life, manners, behavior etc. It took me awhile to wear it full time, mostly my fears got in the way. However once I stoped worrying about others reactions I found that I was able to do anything and hijab becamse apart of my identity and life.

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