Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dua list

How does dua work? When you tell somoene you will make dua for them, do you take a moment to do it on-the-spot as you read or comment? Or does saying that you will pray for their situation count as dua since you are thinking about them and wishing them whatever-it-is, even if it's not formulated towards God? Or do you make a point to come back to it later when you are in a more spiritual mood? And if you do feel the need to make a special time for dua, do you make a list of people you want to make dua for? What if you tell someone you will make dua for them but you forget?!

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Zuhura said...

I take it as a 'performative' statement -- saying it is the dua. If I remember later (unlikely) I will make a more formal dua after salat.

Anisah said...

The answer is YES :)
just like prayers, it's all in the intention sis.
It's great that you are conscious about it..and asking questions. Masha'Allah

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I try to make a quick dua for the person immediately after hearing about the request, but I try to do a lot of dua for different things last thing before I got to sleep. That is the best time for me to remember them all.

Sheriff said...

I make it after i read the post because otherwise I will forget. Whether on their blogs or on fb


Umm Omar said...

This is not exactly an answer to your questions,b ut a great book on the topic of dua is "Dua, Weapon of the Believer" by Yasir Qadhi. It is well-written in English (not a translation) and written for regular people who are just trying to learn (not scholars).

Gardens of Sand said...

I make duas during the day, when I hear about something or someone going through difficult times. It can be right after I hear it, as I hear it, or later when I remember it.

Candice said...

Thanks for the replies! I also figured the thought while reading the post counted as dua (Allah knows all intentions, whether they are stated or not). But I also know that we use language to understand, so to think about it in more detail in our minds puts more emphasis and clarifies the intention for us. And the longer we have to do it and the better the "ambiance" (like at night maybe), the better we can really bring our thoughts together, and probably the stronger our dua gets through.

Your replies pretty much confirmed what I felt I knew... But wasn't 100% sure about.

I'm so thankful I have this blog. I really feel as though this blog is nothing but good in my life. I don't have people harassing me through it like others have. I don't seem to have anything negative going on here. I only learn from all the awesome people who comment, and learn about myself by writing it all out.

Al7amdulilah! :D He really made it good for me.

munir said...

You are aware aren't you that the answers you are getting are interpretations of people ,mostly reverts ,who never really studied Islam.
Hearing what ,you want to hear is not the way to go.

I would also caution the people answering you,if they lead you with a wrong answer ,they will be held accountable for your mistakes too.
Better say I'm not sure and refer you to a scholar who can answer you properly..

Candice said...

Munir: I enjoy hearing about how others do dua and I don't feel I can be led astray by the answers I got here. If you have something more scholarly to add, I'd love to hear it.

munir said...

When a muslim gives advice or answers a question, it is his responsibility to also give the daleel.
And a muslim should never follow anyone's recommendation if not supported by a strong daleel.
I am not a scholar and in this case I don't have the daleel supporting my belief regarding dua, so it would be very wrong for me to post anything that could lead someone astray.
May Allah guide us.

Candice said...

I don't want to offend you Munir, but I feel like you posted just to tell me you have nothing to post. I really love to hear a person's point of view, whether it's a scholar or not, but you are not contributing and are even trying to say that the responses I got are no good.

I think it's a good habit to take to have the evidence when we talk about something. If we don't, it's a good habit to mention that it is just "to our understanding" and not necessarily verified.

But the even more important thing is to not believe everything someone says just because they say it. Unless they show reliable evidence. No one can go wrong when they are responsible with information.

munir said...

I was trying to make your commenters aware of the errors of their way in responding without a daleel.They are advising you, that means they are responsable.
As a muslim it is my duty to point out to my brothers when they are straying from the path.

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