Thursday, March 4, 2010

UU church

I might be going to a UU church this month for a visit! Here is the link to their church. I looked up the schedule and there are a couple interesting discussions going on this month which I'd be interested in attending. The church is in a small town a bit away, but I'd go with a friend as a sort of small outing and I'd get to discover the local UU community.

I will call first to see what it's like and know what to expect a little or else I risk going all the way there for me and my friend to just back out and go to Subways or something. I'd be going with a friend who is not spiritual at all, but she is one who I feel deeply needs some spirituality. She is kind of all upside down in life obviously needing more than she has but just not finding it and not having enough self-respect to find it... The origins of her problems come from religion... Her mother is a Jehova's Witness and was very strict with her about everything, but without ever explaining why. Turned her off religion. But even worse, she basically just disowned her when she got a boyfriend at 16. Of course, not blaming everything on her mom and religion, but let's just say that a person who feels she is loved might not do a lot of the things she does... Which is why I really feel strongly that she should have something bigger to believe in. Not sure where she stands on it but I doubt she thinks about it much. Maybe she will if she learns of a very accepting, open religious community.

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Anisah said...

Let us know how you liked it. We have a woman minister too!


Wrestling said...

What a coincidence - I walked past a UU church last weekend and decided to go along some time, too! It will be interesting to compare notes on what it's like!

Anisah said...

I suppose she is not interested in Islam.right? hehe

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Very cool. I have always wanted to visit a UU church, so I will be looking forward to your experience.

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds cool ... I would love to visit one myself, except the only services they have at the one in the area is on Sunday morning and I wouldn't have any good excuses to get out of the house at that time or day of the week. ;)

Nurul said...

I totally hv no idea what is it, but I hope that u gonna have a good time and don't forget to pray :)

Candice said...

Wrestling: I checked it out last month or the one before and saw that March was a month that might be interesting to visit so I put a note on my calendar here at work so I've been checking it out more this week. But actually it's when I saw your comment somewhere that you were visiting that I decided to post it on the blog :p

Anisah: No, she really isn't. I think she sees it as another JW type religion that is very strict. Of course I try to correct as much as possible and show the good side, but it's not working.

Aynur, it's at 10am Sunday here too... But meh, I wake at 7 anyways so it's all good. My friend will findit early though!

Nurul: Thanks!

Candice said...

And Ahmed: Why did you post this here? I really dislike comments that are not related to my blog so please post this on your own blog. I don't like spam.

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