Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympics are over :(

What a great 17 days of sport and athletic competition! WOW. So many great Canadian moments to remember like our first gold medal with Alexandre Bilodeau in mogul skiing and his touching story with his brother, Jon Montgomery the cool guy winning gold on the skeleton, Clara Hughes' amazing race getting her the bronze medal in the 5000m long track speed skating (the only Olympian ever to have multiple medals in both summer and winter Olympics), Charles Hamelin *finally* getting a medal (gold!) and then winning again in the relay, our men's curling team winning it (I was following curling way too much), and OF COURSE, HOCKEY MEN'S GOLD! It all came together for us in the last days. I think we could have gotten no medals and finished with hockey gold and Canada would be one happy country. Ending with 3rd most medals and a new record for most gold in a winter Olympics was just great.

The USA got *so many* medals! It was impressive! What crazy performances by their athletes like Shawn White in halfpipe, an honestly amazing men's hockey tournement up until the loss, the male figure skater beating that Russian guy, Apolo Ohno, etc. And other countries also had some great moments... Wow, the Slovenian woman falling into a pile of rocks and going on in cross-country skiing to win a medal! She was seriously amazing.

And wasn't the closing ceremony show just fun? What cute giant inflated beavers they had! Michael Bublé was just perfect for that song. I really didn't watch anything else for those 17 days.. No TV shows, no movies, just Olympics every time I was on the TV. It was just nice times to have these at home. And my daughter Nora now knows the Canada flag.

All this is apart from the tragic death of the Georgian luger... That was just very very sad and continues to be sad. Of course, I'd rather the Olympics didn't take place this year, no matter how great they were to watch, and have him alive than what actually happened, but I really can't do much more than spend a moment remembering the tragedy and make dua for him and his family.

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Stephanie said...

I really enjoyed the women's figure skating this year. The level of performance was amazing. And Joannie Rochette... I cried like a baby both times I saw her skate and was so happy when she made it to the podium.

Susanne said...

I enjoyed it so much as well! Many, many great moments. Happy ones, sad ones and all sorts of touching ones! I miss it being on tonight! I think I learned "O Canada" -- ha, ha! :)

Anonymous said...

I actually didn't watch any of it. I was just a bit peeved not to have The Office on for 2 weeks in a row. :p

Candice said...

Stephanie: I hardly got to see any figure skating because it was on so late, but I was so touched by Joannie's story too, and the way she pulled it together for her performances. Just watching a repeat of her short-program and the ending, I was tearing up too!

Susanne: I perfected my "O Canada" for sure during these Olympics! Haven't really gotten a chance to sing it since grade school! lol.

Aynur: Ah yes, I didn't think about shows on TV being put on hold. I sorta follow some shows, but I download the episodes once a month or two, so I don't watch them when they play. Mine are Big Bang Theory, Little Mosque and Scrubs :)

Anonymous said...

I feel so badly for Joannie Rochette and I'm glad she won a medal.

I didn't watch a lot of the sports but I did make sure to watch the opening and closing ceremonies.

I didn't much like the very ending of the closing ceremonies (that aired on American tv -- our coverage ended with Neil Young, I think it was. We didn't see Alanis Morrissette or Avril Lavigne, etc.) I thought some of it was cheesy and the canoe sex and peeing in snow jokes were kinda crass. (Sorry, please don't shoot me for saying I didn't like that part, anybody!)

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