Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not much except work

I have things going on, but not a lot to say. It has been nice these days with the change of time and the great weather. I've been able to go outside with my daughter in the evenings even after work and supper! So much fun! And it feels so great to get moving again after nothingness for about 4 months of winter.

At work it's crazy lately with a new project started by the boss that we are envolved in and will get bonuses for. But it leads to so much gossip around the office and it's so hard to stay away from it. I have been joining in the talk and I feel bad, but I'm also trying to stop it by going to the boss and talking to him directly, and finding out what the people around the office need are to do so we can stop all the yacking. It's not working that well but things will fall into place.

The project is exciting for fincancial reasons, but I'm starting to think of opting out. One reason is that I work for a loans company, which I am already not 100% OK with because of (high) interest, but I figure that I am an employee and I am paid for what I do, not because of interest. I don't like that I am supporting the business by working there, but it's something I have to do. This project will have bonuses, as I explained, and the amounts will be a certain percentage of profits from this, which come of course from interest so I'm iffy about that. It's not something I really have to do. And the second reason is the one I just talked about with the gossip. It would be nice to have the extra amount on my pays though since we're a one-income family and I know the gossip will die down when we settle into this thing.

So today's question: Is it worth it?

3 Comentários:

Anonymous said...

If you're iffy about the bonus coming from interest, I'd opt out.

Nurul said...

hmmm...moeny does make us happy, but it won't help later when we see Allah. u know what i mean. Allah is The Provider. He'll give u sumthin else if u do sumthin for Him. :) Miss u Candy!

Candice said...

Thanks for the comments. I think you're right... It's weird that if it was a big bonus, I'd be more set on saying no, but since it would be small amounts, I feel like it's almost easier to accept, but really it makes a smaller difference in my life to receive this.

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