Friday, March 26, 2010

I want a little farm

Here is my dream:

To have my husband working a decent job outside the home in his chosen field (computers) while I am a stay-at-home-mom making a side income/reduce food costs with a small farm that I am able to manage myself (or with the help of my then teenage daughter!). I would love something that is within 15 minutes of driving from the city here. I was thinking a farm with a decent-sized garden so I'd be able to have fresh fruits and vegetables during the season, and sell and give some to friends and family. I'd also like a chicken coop that would ensure we didn't have to buy eggs, and that would also ensure I would know exactly what was being fed and how the chicken we eat was treated (and could also sell and give some to friends and family). But the main part would be a stable that could accommodate some horses for people who don't have place for their horses, so they'd stay at my place where I'd make sure they have a clean area to sleep in and food and water and I'd make sure they get outside every day. What the heck do they call this service? Anyway, that would be a bit of an income-bringer, and of course a pretty big job.

Man, I want a faaaaaarm! :'( I don't know how realistic my dream is... Farms are expensive and my husband has only gotten a small jobs here and there since he got here 2.5 years ago. It's hard to imagine him making enough money some day to support us being able to buy a farm, but with some years of hard work by both of us, whenever that happens, we could save some money for a good down-payment that would make our mortgage manageable.

Anyway, I don't need everything all at once. We can give up the closeness to the city and get 20-30 minutes out and buy a small house with lots of land and both work, and with time add a chicken coop and small garden. And with more time I could drop my job and build a stable :)

DREAMS :) So fun.

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Susanne said...

Sounds great!! I hope that happens for you one day, Candice! :)

.::Tuttie::. said...


I grew up in a farm so I feel most natural there. When we moved to a rural part of CT (which was technically still a city) my hubs was freaked out. The first day he saw a cow he nearly passed out. He said he missed the sirens and honks of the city. lol. It took him a while to acclimate to silence and be able to sleep.

but seriously my ideal living space would be a industrial building (I spent the second half of my life in a factory) in the middle of acres of farm. weird but absolutely idyllic for me. Since I have been watching a lot of tv recently I decided I wanted to be within screaming range of a neighbor though. Stupid shows with their grisly crimes occurring in farms. *shakes fist*

Banana Anne said...

That dream (and Tuttie's) sound amazing!

Loga'Abdullah said...

Have you seen this? I hope you enjoy it.

All the best!

Nurul said...

this is weird. i was thinking the almost the same thing too bout 2-3 days ago. i wanna live in a farm and cook mean meals for my 'future' family (inshaAllah) :)

Random thoughts said...

Inshallah, that dream will come true for you one day.

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

Your dream sounds like mine! Ive always wanted a farm out in the country, not too far from the city so that my family and I can go on weekends if needed. I would love to have some horses, chiciken so that I too wouldnt have to buy store bought eggs and a few goats so we could have fresh goats milk everyday! My husband would work from home as a freelance translator and our kids would help us with the upkeep of the farm! I too would love a garden in which id grow fresh fruit and vegetables and have a nice pond or lake nearby to go swimming! inshaAllah one day both of our dreams will come true!

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

Oh i forgot to mention, you guys should contemplate moving to Morocco in the near future and building your own farm. Life is cheaper in morocco(food, housing, etc.) You could easily build your own farm for 1/5 of what youd pay here and even build your dream house for barely anything. Fruits and vegetables are so cheap (30 cents for a pound of fruit!) A lot of my friends are relocating to Morocco, something to think about =)

Anisah said...

sounds doable sis !! btw, My husband has same dream... our own halal farm. Incha'Allah.

Candice said...

Tuttie: Looool :P My husband is from Cairo so it was a bit of a shock for him to move to such a small city we are in now. It's actually not small at 60 000 people or so, but to him it's tiny and quiet. He's starting to like it so maybe he'd like the farm. His poor mom in Cairo can't laugh without coughing, I feel so bad... She badly needs to move out of the big polluted city, it's really sad.

Nurul: How nice! I hate cooking so I don't imagine myself doing that at all. Of course, I would, but I just HATE making food. :P

Rene: That sounds exactly like my dream! Except my husband better get a job outside the house. hahaha. I think Morocco sounds OK, but my husband is Egyptian. I know they have farms there too... But my husband has a prejudice against villagers or farmers it seems. I dream of going back to Egypt for a period of 5 years or so and being on a farm would be great. I might actually want to stay there for good if it worked out!

Anisah: Lucky! Your husband actually likes farms?

Bouchra said...

and who doesn't want a farm?
I wish your dream comes true very, very ...very soon inchaa Allah!!

rahma said...

Sorry, that last comment should have come from me. I was logged into the wrong gmail account.

Umm said...

Whenever I feel the urge to farm (and it's becoming more frequent), I just go ask my dad about his life growing up on a farm and that usually quashes the urge, ha. Horror stories about getting toes chopped off by run away farm equipment, tractors tipping over on top of my grandfather, among other nastiness makes me happy for the city :)

I would like to do some urban farming though - get some chickens, have a garden in my backyard. Alas, can't do that in an apartment.

Candice said...

Rahma: I don't want anything to do with tractors and all that! I'm not an equipment type of girl!

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