Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Got my order!!

I got my order from Veiled By Design and I am so very pleased with my experience with them!

I was looking for some al-amiras and underscarves online and wanted it to be from North America (to avoid mega charges on shipping) and I found this site. I put everything I wanted in the cart and checked out and saw the flat-rate shipping for Canada was 25$! I was like -- woah! There must be a way to send it slower, but cheaper so I took a chance in e-mailing the owner. She sent me a message back, willing to work something out for a better shipping rate and arranged a way for me to order and check out with this special deal we made.

My experience in summary:

1) great customer service
2) product as described/shown (everything is exactly like the pictures!)
3) very fast to ship (was shipped the business day after I placed the order)
4) good prices for the quality (2 small thread/stitch problems -- all underscarves are perfect, two of the 5 or so hoodshave small issues I will easily fix)

I will definitely order from them again! Super turstworthy company. And very creative ideas on how to wear the hijab on the website too!

2 Comentários:

Anisah said...

Al hamdullilah and congrats

Im anxious to see !!

Anonymous said...

Candice, If I'm not mistaken, this place is located right down the road from my parents' place. It's only a matter of time before I order from them myself.

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