Friday, February 19, 2010

Went to see John Mayer

Wednesday was my John Mayer concert. I bought my tickets sometime before Christmas on the first day they were out for sale! I really enjoy his music and have been a big fan since he first came out with his single, "No Such Thing". His albums, as they came out, were always in my discman/iPod and so his songs became theme songs for what was happening in my life at these times. This first album reminds me of my first highschool, his next one of my third highschool (stayed at the second one a short time and it's other music that brings me back to that place!), and his third album reminds me of college. The John Mayer Trio album came out as I was going to Egypt the first time and so it's the soundtrack for my first weeks with my husband in this foreign country.

Anyway, I was really excited to go out and see him, even if I hadn't heard most songs from his new album and hadn't been listening to him (or much music at all) for some time.

I enjoyed the show. John Mayer is great live and his songs are really good.

But I am not the music lover I once was and going to a concert didn't have the effect it used to have on me. I have separated myself from music and now, it's just not important to me. I will dance to things and occaisionally have a song that I love to listen to, but this is *nothing* like the music-obsessed girl I was. I loved how music could make me feel, but I am so much more focused on reality now and I really appreciate this in my life. I wouldn't change it now.

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Wrestling With Religion said...

I'm the same - I've started living in reality more whereas I used to be able to "escape" through music. I think it's something to do with becoming grown up!

Mrs. S said...

John Mayer. While I have never been a true fan I casually enjoyed his music until his recent interview with Playboy and subsequent breakdown on stage. Too bad.

Since you enjoy John Mayer's style, are you a Jack Johnson fan at all?

Anisah said...

Al hamdullilah..same thing trying to convince the teenager that I got obsessed with music before I was Muslim to feel same way!

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Funny, I was going to say pretty much the same thing. I was basically a "scene kid" back in the day. Now I could really care less for the most part.

ModestJustice said...

I 'used' to love his songs but he ruined it for me when he made the most ignorant and racist comments in the recent playboy magazine scandal :P
And I kind of had a disconnect with music for a while (it was in my head during prayers soo lol I had to lessen my intensity)

But now I appreciate it instead of 'escaping' like Wrestling with Religion said :D

Candice said...

It really feels great to grow up. Ever since I left highschool, I've been becoming a real adult. Until I actually became one when I had my daughter at 20. Of course, I'm still growing up even now, but as a more mature adult.

Mrs. S: I didn't hear about that! I had to look it up though after two people mentioned it and yeah... It really changed my view of him. What a dumbass! And yes, I kinda like Jack Johnson. I liked him quite a bit back some time ago!

Anisah: That's not going to be easy! My brother is a musicaholic... He *always* has things playing in his ears, he plays drums, guitar and base (has a set of drums, 2 accoustic guitars, 2 electric and 2 bases) and goes out to shows at least weekly. It's insane. He can't imagine his career in anything else than music and so is working at Tommy Hillfiger until he figures it out instead of just going on in a field that would at least give him a decent job in the end. He'd never give it up! But it might come gradually as he grows up. It will have to!

Stacy: We really grow up eh!

ModestJustice: I had to look up that interview and ew, he's a real dumbass self-destructive loser with racist tendancies!

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