Monday, February 22, 2010

The Prophet's Birthday

OK, so I guess I'm really out of the loop on this one. It took a lot of "clues" for me to get that it was Muhammad's birthday coming up soon. I'd been looking for things to read to get me closer to him and to understand him more a few weeks ago, so I found it fitting to what I was looking for to have the event coming up. I took it for an occaision to learn about Muhammad, which is exactly what I'd been wanting to do!

Sometime last week, my husband asked when Muhammad's birthday was. Of course I didn't know. It was just funny that he even asked and thought I knew!

And in the past few days, blog posts have been popping up about whether or not it's an innovation to celebrate the prophet's birthday. It took 2 or 3 for me to think: Is the prophet's birthday coming up or something?!

It seems that yes, it's coming up this Friday. I personally DO think it's an innovation (bidah) and would not wish to participate in such a celebration. But I'm already registered for Celebrate Mercy so I will definitely listen and take it not as a celebration of his birthday, but an occaision to learn about him. Just like I thought it was when I registered!

So: To celebrate or not?

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Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Funny, I didn't know when it was either. Some of my friends were posting the same types of videos and I wondered why people all had the topic on their mind. Now I know! It makes sense that celebrating Muhammad's birthday is bida' because it could easily lead to worshiping him. Sometimes there is a fine line between honoring a person and worshiping them.

Jamilah said...

Yes, we don't celebrate his birthday... not only is it something that he (saws) never did, neither did his sahabah... it was innovated much later on...

Inshallah the lecture you signed up for will be a good learning experience. Let us know how it goes!

Reise said...

i love your blog because it potrays your sincerity towards being a better Muslim.

well, after reading this post, i feel thrilled to leave a comment. because my opinion is the opposite of you.

i'm not so much a practicing muslim. but I really want to celebrate Prophet Muhammad s.a.w's birthday. because i love him so much. even though he has died almost 14 centuries ago, my heart feels so close to him. i feel so proud to celebrate his birthday. it makes my heart so peaceful by remembering him. even more than how remembering my mother and father does make.

ok, keep on writing. love to read em. bye, salaam!

ellen557 said...

I don't see it as bid'a at all (in fact I really can't stand that word lol... not to do with this post but just experiences I've had). I celebrate my mother's birthday, so I am happy to do the same for the Prophet. For me, it's not about worshipping him - it's about taking the time to remember him and what he did for Islam and for Muslims. I don't see what is bid'a about that, because we should be doing that a lot anyway. Or just to say a little thank you? I should add though that I'm coming from a Shia perspective where celebrating birthdays is encouraged.

That's just me, though :)

mawaddah said...

salam, yes i agree with ellen..and i cant wait for prophet Muhammad s.a.w birthday.! we all miss him.....

Nurul said...

I wanna celebrate our Prophet's bday too. I believe it's not wrong as long as we're not doing big celebrations. Just to say Alhamdulillah, thank you Rasulullah for 'fighting' for us, Muslims. :)

Candice said...

Stacy: There's a fine line, like you say. That's why I'm not concerned about the lecture I'll be watching/listening to because I know it's just a learning experience for me and not a celebration for worship, but I'd rather stay away from anything that could get close in the future.

Jamilah: I will definitely write back about how it went!

Reise: I think it's good (and pretty much necessary) to remember him, or else you are forgetting about your own religion. So in that way, I am OK with it. I just want to stay far away from creating/adding another Eid to Islam. And I want to stay away from worshipping him.

Ellen: My husband, a Sunni, also feels fine about celebrating his birthday, as long as it doesn't become like an Eid (like having sweets, a big meal, a festival of some kind). I think it's a fine way to go about it to just go to mosque and hear stories and remember the history. I just think it risks too much becoming an addition in Islam to celebrate each year like we do for Eid. So even if I don't think just reading about him on this day and hearing stories would be bida, I'd stay away from creating such a tradition to stay away from what I think could become bida.

And yeah, I don't like the word either. And yet here I am using it! lol.

Nurul: I feel a bit like you do that it's OK as long as it's not a celebration, but it can so easily become one I think it's best to stay away from it. But this year I guess I'm participating a little.

Jamilah said...

Muslims will always disagree about this topic. One of the things that keeps me away from it (aside from it being an innovation) is that when the Prophet (saws) was on his death bed he was upset, and they asked him why, and he said that he didn't want his followers to treat him like the followers of Isa (as) and bring him to levels that they should not.

One of the other things that the Prophet warned us about was immitating the disbelievers... and that is just what we are doing by singling out a birthday as a day to celebrate. Birthday celebrations have pagen origins. They started only for kings and then the tradition changed to include children. The singing was to scare of evil spirits.

Love him as we are told to love him. It is nice Candice that at such a young stage in your Islam that you can recognize this as something to stay away from.

Texan in UAE said...

I'm so with Jamilah on this one. :)

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