Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Olympics opening ceremonies

I'm a Canadian so it's very exciting for me to have the Olympics in my own country this year! I'm following the competitions pretty closely! We aren't doing that amazingly right now, but I'm still proud of our athletes! Americans are racking in the medals though, congrats to them so far! :)

So Friday was the opening ceremony and it was so exciting for me. We present our country to the rest of the world with this show so I was really looking forward to seeing what we were going to come up with. It was obvious that we were going to have something about the Natives and I wasn't disappointed with what they showed. I'm not Native, but I was still happy that they were represented because they are the original Canadians.

I was a bit disappointed about the lack of representation of Quebec and its place in Canada. They had Garou sing in French, but that was it. But the show was so good that I honestly didn't give that aspect a thought until well after the show was over.

It was beautiful and moving! I honestly loved the show and felt proud to be Canadian (as I always do). The scenes with the Natives, the ice moving, the whales, the dancing around the trees, the prairies, the fiddlers and tap dancers, the poet.

I'm wondering what others' thoughts were about the show. It's interesting to see what kind of impression we actually made to someone who is not Canadian.

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Baji said...

i loved it a lot. actually, before the ceremony (even couple days before it) there were all these things on tv and online about how they're going to compete with the beijing ceremony. and the canadians who were in charge of the show i guess, came out on american stations and said that hey we're trying to do something totally different: create an intimate feeling. and i think they totally accomplished that! my def. favorite part was the ice breaking, the ocean rising to show the whales which actually blew water! lol

Wrestling With Religion said...

I didn't see it, but well done Canada! I wonder how the UK will do with hosting in 2012... our contribution to the closing ceremony in Beijing was just embarrassing, unfortunately.

Nurul said...

Somebody over here in Malaysia is jealous. ME. Hehe...

Anisah said...

yeah I totally wonder what th world thought of it. looking forward to seeing more comments.

As you know I luved it too.. wasn't too impressed with the lip Syncing...
but hey..Sarah and KD really kicked it live !

I loved the theatrical stuff..is truly Canadian and showed our talent in that area.

How can one have the Olympics without showing the world the native culture ! I thought it was awesome to have the cheifs in the VIP box with Machael Jean.

Wuz really happy to see Garou :)

The poet was awesome and really told it like it is ...

glad to see the great one light the torch..bu everyone really shoulda seen his Dad earlier in the day carry the torch... it was truly awesome and touching.

I think Canada is doing great and winning lotsa medals :) Maybe they won't win..but they sure are doing a great job .

Has ur hubby caught the spirit yet? ;)

Candice said...

Baji: Glad you enjoyed it! :) I didn't know they were talking about it on TV in advance; that's cool!

WWR: I'll defniitely watch your opening show! :) It was a little weird at the closing Beijing ceremony but it was their show so I really didn't think about it at all. I'm sure it'll be great in 2012.

Nurul: hehe

Candice said...

Anisah: Yeah, my husband is into it. Especially since Egypt is not part of these Olympics, it's Canada all the way and he gets excited when we are close to the podium. We were high fiving our bums off the other day! lol

Banana Anne said...

Dude, I love Canada. It is definitely on my list of "places I would be willing to move to with my future husband". :)

Susanne said...

I've enjoyed the games in Canada this year. British Columbia is beautiful of course and the Canadians are always welcoming and friendly. I was really happy when they won their first gold on home soil a few days ago and last night I saw a joyful Canadian sing along to the national anthem. He'd won the gold in skeleton. It was fun watching him glow in the moment. :)

When do the games end? I've enjoyed them although it makes me a bit more tired from staying up late. It's worth it though. :)

Candice said...

Banana Anne: Where are you from? Where in Canada do you like? My husband is starting to love Canada, but he still isn't very fond of our province because of the French. It makes it very hard for him.

Susanne: Yeah, I enjoyed our golden moments too. There aren't that many, so I can really say that they've all been pretty special. lol.

I think the games end on the 27th. I've been exhausting myself over them too. And tonight is the hockey match against the USA... That sure will be something to watch. I think a good portion of Canadians will be watching that!!

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