Thursday, February 4, 2010


How comforting is it as Muslims to believe/feel like we know that everyone will get what he deserves in the end? That there is an ultimate justice in this world that is apart from the justice we can only try to impose.

I wouldn't want to accept, if I were an atheist or from another religion that either doesn't believe in the afterlife or in hell, that someone who murders his wife and kids, and then kills himself has gone into nothingness. That's so much more than he deserves, and it wouldn't be just.

It's hard to keep this in mind though sometimes... But it helps to do so. It's with Allah that all justice lies, and we don't have to worry about that.

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Jaz said...

Totally, this should be comforting. I commented today about justice on the blog of a woman who had began to lose some love for islam because of a muslim husband who treated her really badly. Being a muslim should make us feel better about all this wrongdoing.

Candice said...

I think it should be comforting too. Sometimes, it's just not enough, but that's us being too attached to this life.

Amber said...

I had a similar discussion to this with someone at work the other day. We recently had a murder trial that was heavily televised, and as we were waiting for the verdict, we discussed whether or not we could choose the death penalty if we were on the jury. And it came down to the fact that even supposing that we had made a terrible mistake, and the person was innocent and wound up being executed, that they would go to God being innocent and be judged accordingly. And if they weren't innocent, well, then justice served.

Anisah said...

If someone doesn't believe in hell, then what they do is because they want to, not because a God that will record everything is watching. To me it's fake that people do stuff just so they will go to heaven, or don't do stuff so they won't go to hell. Some of the most honest people I know are atheists. They are not honest to avoid going to hell, they are just honest.

My 2 cents.


Stimulus said...

Exactly! One of the best things in Islam is Allah's Justice. Totally agree :)

Candice said...

Anisah, the post was about knowing there is justice in the afterlife even for those who got no justice here on earth. Like someone who did crimes and never got caught. I sometimes feel upset to think that we might never catch these criminals but in the end, I know he will receive his punishment. People not believing in hell can't have that and must live with their belief that these horrible people go to the same nothingness as we all do.

Anonymous said...

well said

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