Thursday, February 11, 2010

Islamic Phrases

What is your favourite Islamic phrase? Which one are you most able to feel the full meaning of?

Examples: bismillah (ir-rahman ir-rahim), assalamu alaikum (wa rahmatallahu wa barakatu), astaghfurallah, alhamdulilah, subhanallah, masha'allah, etc.

I have to say I just love bismillah... It just means so much contained in just this small phrase. So it's my favourite.

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LK said...

I like Insha'Allah :)

Anonymous said...

Each and every Islamic phrase has its unique and vast meanings depending upon situation and circumstances, you cannot love particular phrase like any other materialistic phrases. Because Islamic phrases are totally meant for loving, correcting and spreading brother and sisterhood among Gods creations..

Most of the day we make many minor to major mistakes…AsthaghfirAllah ( God forgive me) would be better if we really want to be better very next minute after committing any type of ( lying,mockering,thinking wrong about somebody/something haram ,watching haram things etc..)

khany said...

i feel most god conscious when i articulate 'insha allah'. if you like love 'bismillah', then insha allah you will really appreciate this reading from badiuzzaman said nursi's book risal-e-nur

rahma said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

For some reason, subhanAllah has always been my favorite dhikr. Traditionally, the order is subhanAllah, wa'lhamdulilah, wa Allahu Akbar, but I always stick subhanAllah at the end, so I can finish strong :) It just leaves me with a sense of tranquility.

caraboska said...

Subhanallah, definitely. So many little things happen, I drop stuff on the floor in the kitchen, etc. and saying Subhanallah at that time represents my choice to think about God's perfection instead of my own imperfections.

Banana Anne said...

I think my favorite is also Subhanallah. It just conveys a sense of awe of ALLAH, and it fits in so many situations.

Anonymous said...
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Candice said...

LK: I also love "insha'Allah" for its simplicity. Everything happens because of Allah and it's such a nice thing to recognize. We can tell someone we will do things, but no matter how much we want to, it will only happen with the will of Allah. :)

khany: I will check that out for sure when I get a chance!

rahma: I am starting to understand the real and "fuller" meaning of subhan'Allah lately and it's starting to become more important to me. :)

caraboska and Banana Anne: :)

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